Let’s face it – life is strange right now. You (maybe) didn’t envision yourself working from home for the foreseeable future, but now you’re adjusting to what your life is going to look like for a while. If you’ve never worked from home in your career and are suddenly thrust into this new way of life, it can feel overwhelming.

At Emergent Software, we’ve been proponents of flexible working hours and spaces since our inception. Our team has become experts at working in whatever space and time of the day fits their needs best. We asked the team to provide their best advice for someone who is brand-new to the world of working from home and here’s what they had to say:

1. “Having a designated room for an office. Closing the door to minimize distractions is huge.” – James, Senior Software Engineer

2. “Getting dressed as if I'm going into the office. All meetings could be handled in sweatpants, but I feel a lot better and more productive when I'm not in elastic waisted pants 😊” – Nick, Account Executive

3. “Don't work in the kitchen if you can help it. Every time I have done that, I end up eating so much...” – Ryan, Senior Software Engineer

4. "Set boundaries at home! Even if you can't have a dedicated room for an office as James suggests, setting up even a dedicated "work area" and then "going to work" by sitting there helps enforce boundaries for yourself and other household members. It can help prevent overwork, burnout, and too many distractions.” – Mike N., Senior Software Engineer, Development

5. “Keeping a morning routine is really helpful for me.” – Mike A., Principal Engineer, Development

6. “Communication, communication, communication! Be sure to chat a lot with colleagues and don't totally silo yourself away in a cave. Take advantage of chat software (Teams, Slack, etc.) and communicate in a way that works with how you work (some like calls, others like asynchronous communication, etc.).” - Mike N., Senior Software Engineer, Development

7. “I have a Philips Hue light I turn on red when I have a client meeting and yellow for internal meetings. This lets the other family members know to keep the noise to a minimum.” - Kevin M., Director of Database Development & Administration

We're all in uncharted territory right now and exploring new ways to innovate. You don't have to navigate this rapidly changing world alone. We're all ears and ready to help you! Contact us today to get started.