It’s 2020 and you’re running your mentoring program on Excel and Google Forms. Maybe you started out with free tools because it’s all you had time or enough resources to consider. Or maybe you took on Excel and Google Forms because they are about the most technical things you think you can handle. Or maybe you wear your Excel and Google Form maneuvering like a badge of honor because your blood, sweat, tears, and sanity are “saving your program lots of money”. But now you’re looking at the mountain of disorganized files and a program that isn’t getting the time and attention that it needs. And you’re wondering how much longer it can go on. Or maybe you’re trying to give yourself the pep talk of how you’ll muster through another program year.

Does that sound familiar? You’re not the only one. In fact, it’s a story we hear it all the time.

Maybe that surprises you. Maybe you feel like you’re the only one still stuck on Excel and Google Forms. You’re the only one running a program “not big enough” to have custom software. Or maybe you think even if you could pitch a software solution to your stakeholders, you’d never be able to unbury yourself.

Consolidate your files & forms into one place

Well, I have good news. You don’t have to be controlled by folders of Excel files and Google forms. Those “free” solutions you’re using aren’t actually free. They are costing your sanity. They are stealing your precious energy from doing more, from having a bigger impact. But I don’t have to tell you that. If I could see your face, I’d see a tired and worn expression of recognition looking back at me.

I’ve sat across the table from so many in your shoes. So many fearless program managers have kept their programs going by the skin of their teeth. And let me tell you the relief I’ve seen in their face or heard in their voice when they realized it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve helped so many organizations just like yours break up with their Excel files and find relief in software designed to make their jobs easier. Mentoring software customized to your needs is not out of your reach.

Innovative Mentoring Software has been designed for mentoring organizations and has easy-to-use packages for every budget. So many of our clients get started with our entry-level package and discover that using our software not only frees up time to improve their program but also gives them valuable data that allows them to tell their story to funders and supporters.

Leave Excel spreadsheet headaches behind and fully launch into the digital age. You don’t have to be technically savvy to use software that is designed for you.

Innovative Mentoring Software is Emergent Software’s SaaS product specifically designed to support youth mentoring organizations with a user-friendly, secure, and customizable database to keep all your mentoring data in one place. Interested in learning how Innovative Mentoring can support your team? Contact us today!