Our world has changed in a significant way these past few months and what once was, will never be the same. Mentors have had to be creative in how they are meeting and supporting their mentees during this season. Not only are students not able to see their teacher every day, but they are also missing out on the natural mentoring opportunities that happen through sports, drama programs, and after-school programs. This reality allows us to see the importance of continuing the mentoring relationships we have with others and encouraging our volunteers to be creative in how they connect with their mentees.

Innovative Mentoring Software has many features that allow you to stay in touch and encourage your mentors to meet with their mentees on a regular basis during this season. Our Premium Package allows you to stay in touch through texting from the database. As youth and adults alike are connected to their devices, you can send out mass texts from the database to send encouragement or to give some ideas of how they can meet during this time.

We also have a feature called the Mentor Portal that allows your mentors to log mentoring hours on their personal devices. You, as head of an organization, can look at these hours and see who is meeting with their mentee and who may need some follow-up and encouragement to continue to pursue that relationship. Additionally, the hours and notes mentors enter, along with mentoring activities staff track, can be rolled up into aggregate reports that can be used to help convey the story of the great work you are doing.

Mentoring relationships are proven to be so effective in the lives of kids and adults. For such a time as this, we can continue those relationships. It may look a little different and it may take a bit more effort, but it is one of the most important relationships to stay consistent when there are so many unknowns and physical separation. Innovative Mentoring Software desires to come alongside organizations to support and encourage these relationships by making the administrative work easier so program staff can focus on fostering the relationships so desperately needed in the lives of our nation’s youth.

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