Umbraco Minneapolis

When: September 26 at 4PM CDT
Where: We are at a new location at the downtown Fueled Collective.
Tickets: Reserve your FREE tickets here (while available).

That's right, the Minneapolis Umbraco Meetup is back and in person once again! We'll be getting a visit from Umbraco HQ, so be sure to secure your free ticket(s) for an evening of learning and networking. It's also the perfect chance to reconnect with some old friends.

The meetup kicks off at 4pm with an intro and "Umbraco Anywhere" session by Callum Whyte. After a small break Emergent Software's Kevin Meilander presents a session entitled "Build with Umbraco - The Kalahari Resorts Website". Please note: this is a different location from previous events so be sure to view the full details on the Meetup page.

We hope to see you there!


Umbraco Anywhere

Umbraco has always been flexible – but now with true cross platform support in Umbraco 10 it’s potential has been unchained! Let’s explore everything from the practical to the absolutely mind-blowing ways you can run Umbraco anywhere!

We’ll cover the basics of deploying a V10 site on Linux over SSH; that could be a web server, a Raspberry Pi, or even your refrigerator…?!?

At times it can be helpful to consume the Umbraco APIs remotely – such as in “serverless” environments like Azure Functions, perfect for scheduled tasks or offloading background processing. We will learn how Umbraco’s boot pipeline works, and what you need to know to run the CMS in these non-traditional contexts.

Finally we’ll see a number of possibilities for running Umbraco as an embedded platform – including for IoT, inside a MAUI mobile app, or a Xamarin smartwatch app – all thanks to SQLite support in V10. Anywhere you can run .NET, you can run Umbraco!


Build with Umbraco - The Kalahari Resorts Website

Kalahari Resorts is a chain of full-service vacation destinations - each location consisting of hotels, restaurants, theme parks, convention and meeting facilities, and some of the largest indoor water parks in America. Their new site, launched in early 2022, is built on Umbraco 9 and leverages all the latest and greatest Umbraco features.

Come see how the new site was built to support the content management needs of a mutli-site setup, complete with a with a fully componentized block authoring experience and a custom ecommerce solution using Vendr.

This site won the 'Best Editing Experience' at the Umbraco Awards 2022.