One login to rule them all...

Because Four51 does not easily integrate with most intranets or identity providers, Emergent Software developed Storefront Connect to bridge the gap between systems which support the SAML 2.0 standard and Four51. Storefront Connect enables users to easily login to Four51 from Office365, Active Directory, G-Suite (Google), Salesforce, SAP, Okta, OneLogin and many other identity systems.

In addition, software engineers extend our Storefront Connect software to combine SSO with other tasks like syncing users’ shipping addresses into Four51, initiating orders for specific products and even setting up spending accounts or budgets for customers based on data in external systems. We can make your users’ experience with Four51 so seamless, it simply feels like an extension of your intranet or CRM.

If your website is one of the millions hosted on WordPress, Emergent can help you configure it for authentication and integrated with your Four51 store. This allows your employees to click a link on your website, login using their own WordPress credentials and then be automatically redirected and logged into your Four51 store.

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