On-premise SQL Server infrastructure can be a pain to manage. Not only do things break, backups stop running, drives fill up, etc., you are constantly required to install patches, build new servers with up-to-date operating systems and migrate databases from one system to the next. If this sounds familiar, you should consider moving one last time… to the Azure cloud.

Moving your databases to the cloud with Microsoft Azure SQL not only reduces your infrastructure footprint and maintenance, you automatically get the latest SQL Server features (no need to regularly upgrade). With Azure SQL, automatic backups and maintenance are a cinch. Even some Enterprise-only features like TDE (encryption at rest) are included with Azure SQL at no extra cost.

Microsoft Azure is changing so fast with new and updated services, you need to tap into experts who are utilizing these features on a daily basis. Our database team is regularly building new database systems in Azure and stays on top of the latest developments so you don’t have to. Contact our Emergent DBA team for help moving your databases to the cloud.

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