Emergent Software incorporates a publicly available script called “The SQL Server Maintenance Solution” by Ola Hallengren to enhance database maintenance plans and backup processes for its customers. This solution adds flexibility and features to help you effectively manage your databases as they grow. Key improvements over the native SQL Server Maintenance Plan include improved backup file validation, intelligent backup file retention, intelligent index maintenance, and shortened maintenance times. Emergent's Enhanced SQL Maintenance plans include support from a SQL Server DBA to assist in the setup of this highly configurable tool.

The Problem – Microsoft’s Maintenance Plan Wizard

Although SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) includes a Maintenance Plan Wizard to create database maintenance plans, it lacks the flexibility required for optimal database performance and recovery as the data set grows in size and complexity:

  • Limited backup file validation
  • Indexing tasks run whether needed or not
  • Maintenance causes unnecessary log growth, impacting database performance
  • Past backup files are deleted even if the latest backup is corrupt
  • Includes confusing options such as "database shrink", which should rarely be used
  • Unnecessary redundant maintenance processes lead to a longer maintenance window than required

The Solution – Enhanced SQL Server Database Maintenance

Emergent Software combines the SQL Server Maintenance Solution from Ola Hallengren with our custom job scheduling tool to offer a solution much more powerful than the native wizard, yet much simpler than writing your own T-SQL or PowerShell Scripts.

  • Improved Backup file validation options
  • Smarter index and statistics maintenance by only running what is needed
  • Efficient maintenance tasks resulting in shorter runtimes
  • Intelligent backup file retention
  • Default industry standard best practice settings
  • Simple scheduling utilizing SQL Server Agent functionality
  • Improved visibility into maintenance task steps 

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