Most (if not all) businesses that operate in the 21st century have a website. Many businesses face similar challenges when it comes to being online, many of which can be solved with website development. A partnership with a website development partner can be the key to not only solving these challenges but providing you with future enhancements to give you a competitive advantage.

Here are three common business challenges that can be solved through website development:

1. Your website doesn’t leave a great first impression

It’s easy to forget (or not know at all) what it’s like to be a customer on your website, working their way through the buying process. Sometimes, a brand isn’t even aware that their buying process is outdated, clunky, or hard to use until it’s been brought to their attention. After all, if people are still successfully buying products from your site, a customer’s experience doesn’t matter, right? Wrong! A customer’s experience on your website should be at the top of your mind and should be always changing to suit their needs. In fact, research says that you only have 8 seconds to capture a user’s attention once they land on your site. If your site isn’t instantly engaging, you may be missing out on valuable customers.

When Family Formation approached us looking to modernize their website and ecommerce buying process, we were excited to help them make that transition. Members of our team had helped them get their site up and running long ago were excited to give it a fresh new look. Read our full case study to learn how the site redesign has been well-received by their customers and how it gave them a new ability to reach families across the world.

2. Your website doesn’t connect with the other tools that make your business run properly

It’s important to make sure that your website integrates with the other tools you use, especially if you sell products online. If the software you use works well for your business but doesn’t communicate with each other, consider working with a web development partner to create an API or integration to bridge the gap in functionality between the tools you already use.

When Milestone AV (now Legrand) was looking to consolidate four different brands onto a single website with integrations with SAP to display localized product information, they came to us to get the job done. Read our full case study to learn how we built their new site to support their global customer base.

3. Your website is hard for mobile users to find

While computers and cell phones perform similar functions, the ways in which people use these devices are completely different, including how they navigate to your website. With voice commands, it’s easier than ever for someone to navigate to your site completely hands-free. Ensuring your site is mobile friendly, and therefore easily discovered by mobile devices, is important in capturing all potential customers. In fact, 61% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from mobile-friendly sites.

As technology evolves, your website needs to evolve with it. If your site isn’t already mobile-friendly, retrofitting your current site is easier than you think. Read more about how mobile-friendly web development utilizes responsive design to transform your site.

Website development can be used to solve an endless variety of business challenges, both simple and complex. Contact us today to request a free consultation with our team to learn more about the immense value website development can bring your business.