Front-End Development

Emergent Software is a Minneapolis-based software development company that prides itself on using great technologies. On the front-end, we use the latest frameworks that also prove the test of time. We use these to design websites and develop web applications every day. Our UI/UX team works with you to plan, wireframe, & prototype your application, and our front-end developers use the latest HTML, CSS, & JavaScript to build mobile-friendly, responsive sites & apps that work great on both mobile and desktop devices.

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Back-End Development

As a Gold Certified Microsoft Application Development Partner, our team of software engineers develop cloud-native applications with Microsoft .NET as the foundation and integrate with other technologies, API's, and SDK's to deliver comprehensive solutions. We also offer SQL Server Consulting and Remote DBA service to help secure and optimize your data.

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Cloud Native Development & Hosting

We are a cloud-first development company and a Microsoft Cloud Platform partner & direct CSP. Everything web application we develop is cloud ready. We can work with your existing AWS instances or help you move to the cloud with Microsoft Azure.


Website Content Management Systems (CMS)

We build all types and sizes of websites ranging from online brochures to mission-critical e-commerce systems and everything in between. We do this with the help of a variety of CMS solutions including Sitecore, Umbraco and WordPress, that put the customer in the driver's seat once their site is live. We are a Sitecore Certified Solution Partner and an Umbraco Gold Partner.


Mobile App Development

We can build an iOS or Android app for selling in the app store or an enterprise mobile app for internal business operations. Using Xamarin, Sencha or pure HTML5 for cross-platform development to speed the process and lower costs to release an app on both major platforms.

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Databases & Business Intelligence

Our team of SQL Server database administrators and developers has decades of experience with a variety of Microsoft-based database tools. We offer database consulting, development, ETL/migration, data warehousing, master data management, & remote DBA (ie SQL Server Managed Services) engagements.

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Microsoft Productivity Software

Our expertise extends throughout the Microsoft Stack to include selling and supporting Microsoft Productivity software. Purchase your Microsoft 365 subscriptions from Emergent for competitive pricing, self service capabilities, and advanced support.

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We combine our core competencies of software development and cloud infrastructure for expert DevOps. We use Azure DevOps and GitHub to provide automated testing and deployment of our custom software enhancements and Azure Bicep and Terraform for script-based provisioning of Azure Cloud infrastructure.

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