“Learn React Once and Write Everywhere” 

What is React?


React is a popular open-source front-end JavaScript library maintained by Meta which is primarily used for building component-based user interfaces and single-page applications.
Initially designed for UI (User Interface) development, React (also referred to as React.js or ReactJS) can now be turned into a full-fledged solution with the help of additional libraries making it a popular choice amongst the developers here at Emergent Software. 

What are the main benefits of using React?

  • The language is easy to understand, learn, and support. 
  • Interoperability is a core design principle, allowing it to play well with other languages. 
  • Additional JavaScript libraries offer a wide range of extended functionality. 
  • Unparalleled versatility in front-end development thanks to reusable UI components. 

Now backed by Meta (formerly known as Facebook), React’s popularity is off the charts with no growth ceiling in sight. Be assured that longevity is the expectation if your project is developed using React. 

Since the React library is based on JavaScript, it is favored amongst modern developers and is now seeing widespread adoption in the Web3 / Blockchain space as well. If you are concerned about library quality of life (QOL) improvements & updates, then rest assured because there have been 99 version releases pushed to GitHub since 2013. React is easily one of the most consistently up-to-date JavaScript libraries on the internet today. 

Pairing React with C# .NET & SQL Server

At Emergent Software, React is one of our preferred front-end development options along with Blazor. We pair React front-end code with C# .NET and SQL Server on the backend, all built as cloud-native applications hosted in Microsoft Azure.



React.js FAQ

+ What is React? 

React (aliases: React.js and ReactJS) is a free, open-source JavaScript library developed under the MIT license. 

+ Why was React developed? 

React was developed to encourage the creation of reusable UI components which present data that changes over time (source: https://reactjs.org/blog/2013/06/05/why-react.html) 

+ Who develops React? 

Originally authored by Jordan Walke, React is now in the very competent hands of Meta (Facebook) and its large community of companies and individuals. 

+ How popular is React? 

React is an incredibly popular JavaScript library, with more than 40,000 searches per month on Google. Popularity continues to trend upward, and the official subreddit now has more than 325,000 subscribers (more than all other major frameworks & libraries combined). 

+ What is React commonly used for? 

React is commonly used for building interactive user interfaces and web applications rapidly and efficiently with significantly less code than you would typically see with vanilla JavaScript. 

+ Is React SEO friendly? 

Yes. Due to server-side rendering and DOM implementation, React can increase page performance thus improving search engine optimization (SEO). 

+ Why do we like React? 

We like React for its ease of use and consistent updates. It has a large, dedicated community that helps to ensure its longevity as a world-class JavaScript library.