top software development firmRegularly listed in the top custom software development companies in the Twin Cities, we offer a full set of services from custom software development to ongoing maintenance & support serving clients across all industries in the Twin Cities, greater Minnesota and throughout the country. We are a Certified Microsoft Development Partner with a talented team of full-stack developers, SQL Server DBA’s, UI/UX designers, and project managers. We also have a team of Microsoft Office experts who implement powerful tools such as SharePoint, PowerBI, Teams, and Power Apps.

In addition to consulting, we develop commercial software products like Innovative Mentoring Software, a full-featured CRM solution for youth mentoring organizations. Our unique blend of consulting, software maintenance, and product development experience positions our team to deliver complete technology solutions for our customers.

Emergent Software was born from Emergent Networks (now Presidio), a local IT professional and managed services company. Our roots go back to 2003 where our co-founders teamed up with Emergent Networks to deliver software solutions for their growing customer base. By 2015, the demand for software services was so great, it was spun off as its own company. Our team has been rocking the local software professional services market ever since, quickly becoming a top-rated local software development company earning recognition with The Minneapolis/St Paul Business JournalClutch.coDesign Rush (for both software development and e-commerce development), & The Manifest.

The Emergent Software team has been building custom software, crafting complex websites, and optimizing SQL databases for over 15 years. Our comprehensive technical expertise and lean management approach to projects makes us the perfect partner for your next software project. Let’s make sure it is done right the first time. Contact us Today!

Mark Bajema - pro
Mark Bajema
Chief Technology Officer
Mark Bajema - fun 2
Jamie Anderson - pro
Jamie Anderson
Chief Executive Officer
Jamie Anderson - fun
Chris Lefstad - pro
Chris Lefstad
General Manager
Chris Lefstad - fun
Stacy Bajema - pro
Stacy Bajema
Vice President, Innovative Mentoring
Stacy Bajema - fun
Nicollette Perreault - pro
Nicolette Perreault
Director, Innovative Mentoring
Nicollette Perreault - fun
Mike Allen - pro
Mike Allen
Principal Engineer, Development
Mike Allen - fun
Tim Larson - pro.jpg
Tim Larson
Director of Sales
Tim Larson - fun.jpg
Mike Neal - pro
Mike Neal
Senior Software Engineer, Development
Mike Neal - fun
Hannah Lefstad - pro
Hannah Lefstad
Account Manager, Innovative Mentoring
Hannah Lefstad - fun
Kevin Martin - pro.jpg
Kevin Martin
Director of Database Development & Administration
Kevin Martin - fun.jpg
Nick Slanga - pro.jpg
Nick Slanga
Account Executive
Nick Slanga - fun.jpg
Kyle Larson - pro
Kyle Larson
Lead UX Designer, Development
Kyle Larson - fun
Chris Knopf -pro.jpg
Chris Knopf
Senior Software Engineer, Development
Chris Knopf -fun.jpg
Ryan Drost - pro.jpg
Ryan Drost
Senior Software Engineer
Ryan Drost - fun.jpg
Ben Rude - pro.jpg
Ben Rude
Senior Software Engineer
Ben Rude - fun.jpg
James DeMeuse - pro.jpg
James DeMeuse
Senior Software Engineer
James DeMeuse - fun.jpg
Noelle Brockmeier - pro.jpg
Noelle Brockmeier
New Account Specialist, Innovative Mentoring
Noelle Brockmeier - fun.jpg
Noah Vander Kooi - pro.jpg
Noah Vander Kooi
Account Representative, Innovative Mentoring
Noah Vander Kooi - fun.jpg
Sylvester Dagostino - pro.jpg
Sylvester D'Agostino
Director of Project Delivery
Sylvester Dagostino - fun.jpg
Josh Dinndorf - pro.png
Josh Dinndorf
Senior Software Engineer
Josh-Dinndorf - Fun.png
Paige Rudnick - pro.jpg
Paige Rudnick
Senior Software Architect
Paige Rudnick - fun.jpg
Chase Kaufenberg pro.jpg
Chase Kaufenberg
Software Engineer
Chase Kaufenberg - fun.jpg
Sam Steuwe - pro.jpg
Sam Stuewe
Senior Software Engineer
Sam Steuwe - fun.jpg
Brita Hammer - pro.jpg
Brita Hammer
Digital Marketing Specialist
Brita Hammer - fun.jpg
Isaac Heath
SQL Server DBA
Paul Welter
Senior Software Engineer
J. Edwards-Toepel
Senior Software Solutions Engineer
Stan Naspinski
Senior Software Engineer
Nichole Hamelbeck
Senior Business and Quality Analyst
Jameson Kummer
Senior Project Manager
Jacqui Vreeland
Recruiting Manager
Bob Paulsen
Senior Project Manager
Broderick Hudson
Software Engineer
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The internet is a-buzz with Emergent's Custom Application Development capabilities. Here are a few independent publishers who've taken notice:

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