Game Show Battle Rooms (GSBR) is looking to give you the interactive game show experience you may have been dreaming of, complete with lights, a charismatic host, and lots of action! This revolutionary live experience has exploded in popularity and has grown to open locations in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Kansas City. As the business continued to grow, the team was beginning to feel the growing pains of not having their own custom software to run each experience, and the tool they had previously used had become slow and hard to update.

The team knew that in order to keep growing and opening new locations, they needed a custom software application that enhanced the current experience for contestants, was web-based to ensure easy sharing of content across multiple locations, and a user-friendly experience behind the scenes for the technicians and hosts that make the game show magic happen.

Building a web application ideal for both players and hosts

The web application has three different components that the GSBR team uses during a live show:

  • Display view (what shows on the projection screen for players)
  • Scoreboard view (what shows on another projection screen for players)
  • Controller view (what a GSBR employee uses to control the game, hidden from the players)

Each component of the game can be accessed on existing physical hardware that GSB already utilizes, which made integrating the application into their live shows a smooth transition.

The Display view is comprised of fun graphics, animations, and easily customizable interactive elements that make each live show fun and engaging for players. The Scoreboard view shows on a second screen during a game and keeps track of a team’s points. All these elements are able to be updated by the GSBR team and can be specific for the location, type of experience, or age level of participants.

The Controller view serves as the behind-the-scenes framework of every game show. This view is what the technicians use to control each show and is hidden from the players. From this view, technicians can select sound effects, animations, que up questions, and control the entire game show experience.

Simplified content sharing across multiple locations

The web application is supported by an easy-to-use database where the GSBR team can create specific content for each location, type of experience, age group, or topic using simple forms to input each question or prompt. Once the content is built in the database, the GSB team can group content together to make each experience at every single location unique or share content instantly across multiple locations, all with a few clicks of the mouse. The questions can be customized from game to game depending on the audience of the players (i.e corporate event vs. bachelorette party).

Game Show Battle Rooms hosts and technicians have raved about the new web application and how simple it is to use. The solution is intuitive, and the team enjoys having the ability to customize content based on their audience. The new web application has taken both live (and virtual) game shows to the next level with updated graphics, seamless transitions, and simplified content sharing. The Emergent Software and Game Show Battle Rooms teams have built a great relationship throughout the project and are excited to continue working together through platform updates and new features.

Technologies Used

react signalr-logo.png net core sql server azure

Game Show Battle Rooms Screen Shots

Browse through the screen shots below to get a better idea of what we built for Game Show Battle Rooms.

“Emergent Software was the most trusted software company that we could find in the Twin Cities area.”

David Saurer,

 Founder – Game Show Battle Rooms

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