We are always hiring. We know that great talent is hard to find, so when we find the right people to add to our team we bring them on board and get them busy. If you know you are awesome but don't see a job posting on this page that fits your typical role, please contact us directly at [email protected].


Why work for Emergent Software?

Check out why it's awesome to work for Emergent Software and contact us today to get the ball rolling...


We all work differently. Some of us have families and some of us are night owls. We are not a typical 8 to 5 shop. We focus on results rather than the time of day you prefer to deliver those results.

We also offer a lot of flexibility in where you work. We believe that a healthy mix of working in the office for team building and knowledge sharing, and working remotely for uninterrupted, heads-down time works best for our team, our clients, and us.

Our commitment to flexibility has earned us a place on the 2020 Minneapolis-St Paul Business Journal's list of the Best Places to Work in the Twin Cities! 


We are solution providers--this means the development team (you) gets to determine the technologies and architecture used on each project. We stay cutting edge, constantly learning new things and we having fun doing it. We love solving problems with software!

At Emergent Software, you’ll be surrounded by teammates who enjoy this type of work, and who get excited about sharing their knowledge. You’ll also be working with clients who appreciate what we bring to the table. The combination has created a positive working environment where we can all build fulfilling careers over the long-haul.

Profit Sharing & Benefits

We have you covered with our full package of benefits, but there’s more! With our Staff Rewards Program, employees can earn extra cash through profit sharing, sales referral spiffs, bonuses for extra effort, and more.

We also sponsor up to 100 hours a year for each staff member to focus on self-directed skills development. If you are looking for a place to grow your career and get rewarded for your hard work, look no further!