Does your business fit in a box?

Every company needs software to run their core business functions. For many, this is an ERP system, such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics. Other companies use a line of business applications specifically designed for their industry. However, your business probably doesn’t completely fit in the boxes those systems are designed for. Your company may even exist because you do something in a way that nobody else does—who makes a box for that?

Whether you’re a start-up with a completely new idea or you do things your own way, Emergent Software can build custom business software to run all or part of your core business functions unique to your business. Together, we can build software that becomes part of your company’s “secret formula” and a business asset with its own value.

Looking to modernize existing custom software?

Do you already operate your business using custom software? If so, Emergent Software can come alongside to help maintain and support it or perform a software modernization project to bring it from legacy to a state-of-the-art system.

Custom Business Applications - Built by Emergent Software

The Emergent Software team has successfully built and maintained many custom business applications for companies of all sizes. Check out some of the custom business software projects we’ve built and maintain:

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