Phoenix Loss Control (PLC) sought help from Emergent Software when the custom software system that drove the core of their business was built in layers year after year and had become too much for their small software vendor to manage effectively. This software system is essentially the backbone of their business – it is used by almost every member of the organization to document, manage, and process damage claims made by customers. They were looking for a custom solution to not only fit their business’ needs but was also able to be scaled up as they continued to experience lots of growth.  

Completing an entire “lift and shift” of the legacy system on a short timeline 

Working on a timeline of only 30 days, the Emergent Software team guided PLC through a swift process that lifted the entire legacy site and shifted over to new virtual machines for the team. Since the old system was custom-made by another software vendor, the Emergent Software team had to quickly learn the ins-and-outs of this legacy system while simultaneously migrating it. Once complete, the team worked through a tailored support process with PLC that allowed them to determine their priorities and how much time should be spent supporting, enhancing, and modernizing the functionality of this new system.  

Scaling the new system to support growth 

With a stabilized system and domain knowledge spread across Emergent Software’s Support and Development teams, PLC and Emergent Software created a strategy for a gradual modernization of the system that will take advantage of the advanced technology in Azure, while keeping disruptions to their business at a minimum. Due to the size and complexity of this system, Emergent Software has a dedicated team that works solely on this project and focuses specifically on the continuous development of the site to enhance its usability and increase its value to the PLC team. A few highlights of the continuous development and enhancement efforts from Emergent Software include: 

  • Optimizing the application to be mobile-friendly to support field technicians on-site 
  • Development of “automated trackers” which allow for business process automation, streamlining the entire invoicing process for the team 
  • Enhancements to the application to make it more user-friendly for the field technicians that use the tool while on-site

Overall enhancements to the application have helped the PLC team eliminate workflow inefficiencies, save critical data uploaded to the system by their customers, and open new opportunities and areas for application improvement. 

Since taking over the application, Emergent Software has become PLC’s exclusive software development partner. Both teams have fallen into a nice cadence of communication that supports idea and enhancement generation, a fluid workflow, and a continued effort to modernizing the site. The PLC team is excited about their continued partnership with Emergent Software and the development of new features to streamline their overall business and generate revenue.

Technologies Used

javascript ms net sql server azure

Phoenix Loss Control Screen Shots

Browse through the screen shots below to get a better idea of what we built for Phoenix Loss Control.

"Their level of communication sets them apart."

Cathy Barna, Vice President - Phoenix Loss Control

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