Why doesn't your software talk to each other?

Software has become all-encompassing in our daily work life. And yet, sometimes we would rather pull our hair out than deal with all the different systems we use to perform tasks. We wonder why they just don’t talk to each other and why these APIs we heard so much about aren’t solving this problem.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the languages of modern software applications and allow multiple software programs to communicate with each other. However, just like there are many languages, there are many types of APIs: REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, SDK, and more. Even within these standards, there are varying quality and implementation styles as well as gaps in functionality that require creative workarounds. Custom system integrations projects are required for your systems to talk to each other and to streamline your operations.

If you’re using a combination of both legacy and modern software applications, building a custom system integration with an API can bridge the gap in functionality between programs without needing to retire still-useful applications. Pulling information together into a single, centralized process can utilize the strengths of each unique system and reduce inefficiencies all while saving your team time, effort, and money.

Our senior engineers have extensive experience building custom software using all sorts of APIs. With knowledge of the business purposes behind each API call, our team builds custom API and system integrations that meet real business needs and can connect your systems to communicate with each other and share data.

System Integrations - Built by Emergent Software

Check out some system integration projects that we’ve developed at Emergent Software:

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