Business Impact Group (BIG) develops B2B eCommerce stores for many of its clients on the Four51 Storefront platform. One of BIG’s clients, a multinational agricultural services company based in the Twin Cities, wanted a solution that required a custom web-based user interface and custom integrations with three different systems: Four51, Okta and Salesforce. 

Why Emergent Software? 

BIG needed a custom software partner they could count on. This was not a request to develop custom software for themselves, but rather for a large and important client which put their reputation on the line. BIG had already worked with Emergent Software on numerous Four51 SSO projects as well as SQL Server database projects in which Emergent Software had proved itself as a strong partner with the technical chops to deliver on this complex solution. In addition, Emergent Software is Four51’s preferred vendor for developing custom integrations with its Storefront software. 

Key Deliverables 

  • BIG developed the B2B store using Four51 which allows key stakeholders to acquire Marketing collateral and print items.  
  • Emergent Software developed a custom user interface using React, integrated with Salesforce.  
  • Identity management was provided by Okta and utilized Emergent Software’s Storefront Connect software for SAML-based SSO into Four51.  
  • Emergent Software created custom Angular front-end components for the B2B store to present filtered Salesforce data as options in custom order fields.  
  • Orders placed in the B2B store were automatically pushed to a custom listener service developed by Emergent Software which subsequently pushed the order data into custom objects in Salesforce.  
  • Security best practices were employed in order to pass the audit by the client’s global security team and pass penetration testing from a 3rd party. Security features included strong encryption, Azure Key Vault, and Azure WAF. 

Contagious Success 

Together, BIG & Emergent Software delivered a successful solution used daily by employees and dealers around the country. The success of the original implementation demonstrated capabilities that other divisions would now like to take advantage of. The solid engineering by both BIG & Emergent Software makes this very possible without a large investment. 

BIG & Emergent Software continue to work together on numerous projects for other large Twin Cities-based companies. Stay tuned for more case studies demonstrating their success! 

Technologies Used

ms net react angularJS four51 logo salesforce azure

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