Are your business processes ripe for automation?

Did you know that businesses, particularly small ones, spend an average of 240 days per year working on administrative tasks? This equates to 17% of a business's total manpower. Imagine what you could achieve if you were not bogged down with these manual, time-intensive tasks! Business process automation aims to solve that problem by digitizing these tasks to improve your overall operational efficiency.

Automating business processes and implementing workflows to streamline complicated processes have the quickest & highest return on investment (ROI) of any type of custom software. By making your company more efficient, you allow your most valuable resource, your staff, to do more with the time they have, leading to increased employee well-being and your company’s profitability. Best of all, business process automation software helps to eliminate common errors that occur during manual tasks that often lead to more time spent to remedy them.

Almost every department within an organization has processes that are outdated, inefficient, or manual. Whether you are on the HR team looking to standardize your onboarding process or on the finance team looking to streamline the accounts payable process, business process automation can drive positive change on your team. Best of all, business process automation software is often more cost-effective for organizations that are looking to make quick changes to the way their teams operate.

Emergent Software helps many companies become more efficient by automating processes and implementing custom workflow solutions. Custom software solutions that accomplish this goal often include back-end integrations using both modern APIs and/or legacy SDKs plus custom user interfaces to control, guide, approve and manipulate the process from start to finish. Our team of full-stack developers offers this as a combination of capabilities, which is more efficient and ultimately more affordable than using different people working the various layers of your business process automation software.

Process Automation & Workflow Applications - Built by Emergent Software

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