In an increasingly mobile-first world, delivering a great mobile experience is paramount in staying ahead of your competition and capturing your customers’ attention. Emergent Software has a wide range of experience when developing custom mobile applications for clients. Typically, applications are developed in one of three ways: native, hybrid, or progressive web applications.

Top-notch performance with native mobile app development

If performance is a major consideration for your app, it may be worth the extra investment to develop separate apps for each target platform. True native apps make use of each device’s native features at the hardware level, which can lead to improved performance over cross-platform mobile apps. Native development can also provide more fine-tune control over the UI/UX for each platform. When choosing this route, we recommend using the latest os-supported native languages for the two biggest platforms: Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android.

Take a cross-platform approach with hybrid mobile app development

Modern cross-platform technologies, like Xamarin and React Native, allow Emergent Software's mobile app development team to create a single app that can be used across both iOS and Android platforms, making our cross-platform approach perfect for projects where cost and ease of maintenance are high priorities.

Transform your website into a progressive web application

In a world of increased connectivity, mobile-friendly web applications serve very well as mobile apps. Even many features of your phone (location, camera, GPS, etc.) can now be used by browser-based applications. Now with progressive mobile apps, browser-based web applications can run offline and sync data with the server when connections are re-established. Built like a regular website, progressive web applications are a great solution to delivering a consistent experience to your team or customers, even without a stable internet connection.

If you’re not sure of your mobile user base, a web app is a great way to start—build one application for ALL platforms and deploy updates with ease. Progressive web applications deliver the great mobile experience you’re looking for and also captures the largest segment of your customers, as they are device-agnostic. Even if you end up wanting to publish your app to the app stores, they can be published as hybrid-HTML5 apps without too much difficulty.

What's the right mobile app development strategy for you?

If you're surprised by the variety of options available when it comes to mobile app development, you've come to the right place. Emergent Software's team of mobile and web app developers has the broad experience needed to help you make critical mobile strategy decisions upfront and deliver an app that works perfectly for your unique situation.

Mobile Apps - Build by Emergent Software

The Emergent Software team develops various types of mobile apps from cross-platform and native to HTML5 and Progressive Web Apps. Check out some of the mobile apps we’ve built at Emergent Software:

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