A medical device company produces a therapy system designed for clearing the excess mucus from one’s lungs as part of ongoing treatment for people with chronic lung conditions. The sales team spends countless hours traveling to hospitals, educating doctors and patients on the technology and research that has developed this product.  

Before the sales team visits a hospital, they spend some time preparing relevant sales and marketing materials like brochures, videos, and pamphlets for their presentations. The team was spending a large amount of their budget printing these materials before visiting a hospital and often found that the materials would get lost or mistakenly thrown away after they left. The team knew their visits would be more productive if these materials could be digitized, shown to a customer on an iPad, and then simply emailed afterward. The idea for an online playbook full of resources is what motivated the team to seek out Emergent Software’s help and expertise.  

Using a “headless” Umbraco system to host sales materials  

To host all the sales materials to be included in the app, the Emergent Software team created a “headless” Umbraco system. The Umbraco CMS is not connected to any public-facing website but rather serves as the file storage and organization system that feeds over to the app. The Umbraco system was chosen because it is easy to maintain and can be easily used by the team to update and switch out materials as necessary. Once the system was created, the team was trained by the Emergent Software team to understand how to create, upload, and maintain the sales documents used in the app. The team got to work uploading various pamphlets, brochures, videos, images, white papers, and PDFs to their new system.  

Designing an app for on-the-go use  

Emergent Software designed the custom React app for use on the sales reps’ company-issued iPads. The app is a progressive web app that is logged into with a user’s work email address and is designed to work offline, which was necessary since the sales team often works in parts of a hospital where internet service is poor. The app is designed for the user to create and download various lists of material to show during their presentation. As a user taps the “view all” button in the list, they can easily scroll from one item to another. Once the presentation is over, the rep can simply enter in the client’s email address and send the entire list of materials shown in the presentation once they reconnect to the internet.  

The new mobile app saves the sales team time and money when it comes to preparing for sales presentations and maintaining their collection of sales materials. The online playbook allows for the sales team to easily update, maintain, and collect information for sales presentations while traveling across the country to pitch their cost-saving therapies to medical professionals.   

Technologies Used

react umbraco ms net sql server azure

“Emergent Software’s speed and flexibility made them stand out.” 

Marketing Communications Manager – Medical Device Company 

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