After working in the disability insurance industry with a combined experience of over 50 years, OneProtection startup founders Jim and Mike had an idea for a revolutionary platform that combined all areas of selling income protection insurance to clients – a tool that combined the features of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, with powerful graphical tools to help advisors and insurance professionals increase the effectiveness of their client conversations. This platform would then be sold to independent disability insurance agents and companies using a subscription-based model where users can purchase virtual “seats” to use the tool.

After searching around the market for a program that encompassed all the features above and coming up short, the OneProtection team knew they needed to use custom software to achieve their goal and differentiate themselves in the market.

Creating a proof of concept

Before beginning the development of the platform, OneProtection needed Emergent Software to create a proof of concept of their tool, nicknamed “IPSA” (Income Protection Software Analysis) to bring their ideas to reality. Specifically, the team was looking for the ability to create charts that are auto-generated from the information that insurance representatives put on a client’s profile. OneProtection had a specific vision for what these charts would look like and how they would be used during a presentation with an insurance rep and a potential client. These charts are important in effectively communicating the unique value that OneProtection’s IPSA platform brings to the market. Our team hopped into action creating that proof of concept in React and Bootstrap, which ended up serving as the basis for the finished product.

In addition to creating the proof of concept, we connected OneProtection with our design partners to create the overall design and branding of the new marketing website and IPSA platform, to ensure consistency in the look and feel of all the tools that were being created. They created a beautiful branding package that perfectly encapsulates OneProtection’s vision and truly brings their site and tool to life.

Building the IPSA

The brand new IPSA platform and marketing website is cohesive, streamlined, and intuitive. The new platform and site utilizes many different integrations to achieve specific goals:

  • The marketing site is built with JamStack, Gatsby, and Netlify.
  • The IPSA portal is built using React with a backend developed using a .NET Core API.
  • Graphs are created using HighCharts which make them interactive, mobile-optimized, and accessible for all users.
  • For user authentication, Formix and Auth0 were used to provide secure login experiences for users.
  • Secure payment processing was built using Stripe.
  • Integration and API-friendly Contentful CMS is the content backbone of the site and platform.

The IPSA is a powerful all-in-one tool that empowers disability insurance representatives to present coverage options to clients and is a market gamechanger.

The IPSA platform officially launched in March of 2021 and the OneProtection team is working hard to show clients the value of their platform through live webinar demos and marketing campaigns. Emergent Software continues to be OneProtection’s technology partner and is working with the team in a variety of areas to ensure the success of the platform and startup as a whole. We’re thrilled to be a part of this startup’s journey and cannot wait to see the success of this dedicated team!

Technologies Used

auth0-logo-blue[1].png cloudflare-tech-logo.png azure net core highcharts logo stripe logo react Gatsby_Logo.png Jamstack_Logo_Original_Solid.png Squirrel-Logo[1].png contentful-logo.png

OneProtection Screen Shots

Browse through the screen shots below to get a better idea of what we built for OneProtection.

”Their patience and ability to work through several different dynamics were both very impressive.”

James Leary,

 Owner – OneProtection

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