We’re excited to announce that there’s a new company in the Emergent family: Emergent Staffing.

Emergent Staffing is a staffing and talent acquisition company that connects skilled technology professionals with great companies. Keep reading to find out more about how Emergent Staffing got started, the services it offers, and what this launch means for Emergent customers.

How it began

The name Emergent Staffing may be new, but the team behind it isn’t — Emergent Staffing started out as the corporate recruiting team here at Emergent Software.

Emergent Software itself was originally launched as a sister company of Emergent Networks in 2015. As we grew, we realized that one of our key differentiators was our ability to recruit and hire top tech talent. Creating our new sister company is our way of offering that same service to our customers.

What does Emergent Staffing do?

Emergent Staffing offers contract and direct placement of qualified engineers, project managers, business analysts, and other technology roles. We help companies build their technology teams and fill talent gaps with highly skilled professionals.

What sets Emergent Staffing apart?

There are a lot of staffing services out there, but Emergent Staffing stands out from the crowd for a few reasons.

First, we’re not generalists. We only recruit for roles that we’ve filled internally at Emergent Software. We’re experts in these roles and how to find the best candidates to fill them.

Secondly, we have an unmatched screening process for candidates. We’re not just handing you a list of candidates based on resume bullet points. We start by asking applicants to complete an online assessment, including a personality assessment, cognitive testing, role-specific knowledge evaluation, and coding challenges where applicable. We then conduct interviews to evaluate communication skills, relatability, and applicable knowledge for the position. Candidates who pass this step are asked to complete a role-based technical challenge and present their solution to our technology leadership team.

You can read more about our screening process on the Emergent Staffing website.

What does this mean for our customers?

Emergent Staffing and Emergent Software are closely connected. If you’ve worked with Emergent Software before, you can be confident that Emergent Staffing will provide the same high-quality services and integrity.

Consider this another way that the Emergent family can help your business with your technology challenges. To connect with skilled professionals who match your company’s culture and goals, contact Emergent Staffing.