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When you outsource your Azure SQL or on-premises SQL Server infrastructure to Emergent Software, you get access to a team of senior DBAs offering proactive monitoring, fast alert response, and performance tuning.

Benefits of SQL Managed Services

How are you managing your mission-critical Azure SQL and SQL Server work? If you’re like many companies, your essential data may be in the hands of overworked team members who aren’t trained for SQL specifically. And if that person takes a vacation or leaves the company, no one there to prevent a disaster.

Here’s why you should consider SQL Managed Services from Emergent Software.

Access a team of Senior DBAs

Our team of experienced database administrators specialize in both Azure SQL and on-premises SQL Server environments. They’re always on top of the latest features and evolving industry best practices. They’re true specialists. Our SQL consultants don’t just do SQL work as part of their job — it’s their entire job

Since it’s a team rather than an individual, you don’t have to worry about coverage during vacations, and you’ll never be left uncovered because someone quits.

24x7 real-time monitoring

We use Azure Arc and other expertly tuned tools including designed for monitoring all of your databases in Azure and on-premises. We offer fast response time to critical alerts within your chosen response time window.

Business continuity

We tune your point-in-time recovery (PITR) settings and long-term retention (LTR) backups on each Azure SQL database and configure proper database backup procedures on-premises to meet your RPO and RTO requirements.

Achieve data protection and security

We use Azure Defender for Cloud to ensure security best practices for both your cloud and on-premises databases. With Azure Arc, data classification and encryption policies are easily enforced.

Avoid disaster scenarios

Proactive monitoring and fast alert responses mean your Azure SQL and on-premises SQL Server environments are healthy. Issues are resolved before they become disasters. 

Regular health checks

You may be handing your SQL maintenance over to us, but you’ll never be out of the loop. With quarterly review meetings and/or detailed reports delivered to your inbox, you can rest assured that your database environment is healthy and secure.

Improve database performance

We perform regular index tuning to optimize queries executed by your ERP and/or other line of business applications. Our SQL developers create high-speed stored procedures and ETL processes using Azure Data Factory or SSIS.

Reduce licensing costs

We ensure you’re not overpaying by consolidating databases into Azure SQL elastic pools or shared SQL Server infrastructure. We’ll also help you migrate workloads to Azure for increased flexibility and reduced management costs.

How to get started with SQL Managed Services from Emergent Software

It’s easy to get started with our SQL Managed Services through the Azure Marketplace. Or get in touch to ask questions and discuss how we can help with your database project.