Finding the right technology support is key to keeping your organization running smoothly and driving digital transformation. For any business that uses Microsoft products and services (and who doesn’t?), a Microsoft Partner can offer essential skills and expertise.

Read on to learn about what Microsoft Partners do and how you can find the right one to help you achieve your technology goals.

What is a Microsoft Partner?

A Microsoft Partner is a firm that provides Microsoft products and services as part of the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. A Microsoft Partner could help your business with things like migrating your workloads to Azure Cloud, providing SQL Server managed services, developing custom software solutions using Microsoft technology, and more.

You might have heard the terms Microsoft Gold Partner and Silver Partner in the past or heard the partner program referred to as the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). In 2022, Microsoft announced that the name of the program would change from the Microsoft Partner Network to the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. Gold Partner and Silver Partner designations are also no longer used. Instead, Microsoft now offers Solutions Designations in six areas:

  • Solutions partner for Business Applications
  • Solutions partner for Data and AI (Azure)
  • Solutions partner for Digital and App Innovation (Azure)
  • Solutions partner for Infrastructure (Azure)
  • Solutions partner for Security
  • Solutions partner for Modern Work

Eligibility for each Solutions Partner designation is based on the Partner’s performance, skilling, and past success helping customers. Within each area, Microsoft Partners can also earn specializations that further demonstrate technical expertise.

If you’re trying to find a Microsoft Partner, the new designations can help you identify one that has the specific competencies you need.

Why should you work with a Microsoft Solutions Partner?

Microsoft Partners don’t just sell Microsoft products. They’re true experts in implementing, using, and maintaining these technologies. They’ve helped customers like you in the past.

You can trust that a Microsoft Solutions Partner has the necessary skills and experience, especially those that have advanced specializations, because they have to prove it to Microsoft. For example, to earn our specialization for Modernization of Web Applications with Microsoft Azure, we had to pass a rigorous live audit with a third-party auditing company chosen by Microsoft. You can read more about that process here.

Where to find a Microsoft Partner

So you know you need a Microsoft Solutions Partner. Where do you find one?

The Microsoft Partner Directory can be found on Microsoft AppSource. You can search by name or keyword and filter based on size, capabilities, industry, products, solution categories, and services provided. Check out our Microsoft Partner Profile.

What to look for in a Microsoft Solutions Partner

There are plenty of Microsoft Partners out there. What should you look for when you choose which one to work with?


All Microsoft Solutions Partners have some level of expertise in Microsoft solutions, but the specific areas of specialization and degree of competency can vary. Make sure your technology partner has a Solutions Partner designation – and maybe even advanced specializations – in the areas you need. You can see that information on each Partner’s profile in the directory.


Again, customer success experience is something that all Solutions Partners have – it’s a requirement to earn the title. But you can dig deeper. Look for case studies and customer stories that indicate that your potential Microsoft Partner has helped businesses like yours achieve their goals.

Customer service

Your relationship with your chosen Microsoft Partner is important. You’re counting on them to help you solve business problems and transform your organization. A smaller agency with a strong reputation for customer service is best. These consultants will be able to truly understand your business needs and work closely with you to drive your success.

Work with us

Emergent Software is a technology solution provider offering a full set of services including custom software development, cloud transformation, and data engineering services to clients across all industries. We have Microsoft Solutions Partner designations in Data & AI (Azure)​, Digital & App Innovation (Azure)​, Infrastructure (Azure)​, and Modern Work, and an advanced specialization in the Modernization of Web Apps to Microsoft Azure.

We’re not a huge and impersonal organization, but a boutique consulting firm that builds long-term relationships with our customers. Get in touch to let us know how we can help your business.