This month, we’re spotlighting Jacqui, our Recruiting Manager. Read on to learn more about Jacqui’s career path before Emergent Software, what her ideal day looks like, and how she stays motivated.

Describe your experience before joining the Emergent Software team

My first job out of college was a door-to-door sales position selling TV/phone/internet bundles. This is where I cut my teeth in sales the old-fashioned way and earned a few interesting stories along the way! After bearing a few too many MN blizzards, I decided that wasn’t a long-term career for me.  I’ve always loved competition and getting a win with teammates, so I looked into other sales-like careers that were more relationship-based. That’s when I decided to give staffing and recruiting a try. I had some immediate success and ended up spending the next 8+ years in the IT Staffing & Recruiting industry in a variety of positions, such as recruiting, sales, and management. I love the multi-faceted nature of recruiting, specifically in information technology, because it’s ever-changing. I love that each day is different, and I get to interact with many types of people and businesses on a daily basis.

What drew you to join Emergent Software?

What drew me to join Emergent Software was the people. Prior to joining this team, I worked for one of our partners and grew to love everything about Emergent Software. I was elated when I was approached about joining the team internally. I loved that everyone in the organization was kind, humble, and extremely talented.  I could tell they were doing it right when I saw the people they were hiring, the growing list of accolades, and the company’s growth over the last few years. It’s exciting to be a part of an organization that invests heavily in their people, and I’m always excited to recruit new talent for our team.

Jacqui and her husband, Aaron

How do you fill your time outside of work?

I grew up as a competitive dancer in ballet, tap, jazz, dance team, and into a professional career with the Minnesota Vikings for 7 years. I love dancing, being active, and anything hands-on creative! After retiring from my dance career a few years ago, I started a few new hobbies like gardening, golf, DIY projects, renovating our home, and spending time with my husband, Aaron, and toy poodle, Pierre. In the summers, we try to spend our time up-north at our family cabin as many weekends as possible to soak up our short but oh-so worth it Minnesota summers.

Jacqui's dog Pierre

Do you have any siblings?

Yes – I have three siblings; two sisters and a brother. I’m the second to youngest of my siblings, and I have 12 nieces & nephews (with one more on the way!) I’ve officially claimed the title of “Fauntie” –the fun auntie. My family gets together at least once per week and usually, it gets pretty loud. I love being a part of a big family, it’s like having a bunch of built-in best friends for life.

Jacqui's family

What does your ideal day off look like?

My ideal day off in the winter is either doing a home project or finding a new DIY craft to create with my mom and sisters. I love getting into new home projects and teaching myself along the way (mostly through calling my Dad, who’s an Architect, or watching YouTube videos). In the summer, I’m either enjoying time at the lake, spending time in my garden, or enjoying a bonfire or patio happy hour with friends.

What is your biggest motivator?

Growth and the future. I have a never-ending desire to grow and become better than I was before. I love improving myself in every aspect of life; career, new skills, physical fitness, relationships, and my faith.

Thanks for sharing your story with us and for being a terrific addition to our team, Jacqui! We’re so lucky to have you. Stay tuned for future spotlights of the great people who make up Emergent Software!