This month, we’re spotlighting Mindy Warland, an Implementation Specialist at our sister company, Innovative Mentoring Software! Learn more about Mindy’s passion for helping others, how she stays busy outside of work, and where she’d like to visit most:

Describe your experience before joining the Emergent Software team

Prior to working at Emergent Software, I worked for 15 years at a small nonprofit in a part-time role. While there, I completed my Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy but decided to stay home with my young children rather than pursuing licensure. Working on such a small team allowed me to have a lot of variety in my role of which my primary responsibilities were finance, IT, conflict coaching, and project management. I discovered that I really love helping people, whether it was in their relationships or fixing their computers, whatever I could do to make their lives better!

What drew you to join Emergent Software?

I was drawn to Emergent Software because I was looking for a new challenge and had heard wonderful things about the company culture. I really enjoyed the technical portion of my previous job because computer software is so much more predictable than people. So, I was intrigued to be able to integrate my technical skills and desire to help people grow personally by teaming with Mentoring organizations. I love being able to support them and help them be able to multiply their impact through IMS.

How do you fill your time outside of work?

My time outside of work is filled with my family and fun! My husband, Rob, and I have three awesome kids (and a COVID puppy) who are always making us laugh and go on new adventures. We spend a lot of time outside in the summer (not so much in the winter) at concerts, breweries, parks, and baseball games. There is usually music playing in our home, LEGO pieces to be stepped on, and someone trying to do a new gymnastics trick!

What was your first job?

My first job was working for my aunt who had a packaging and bindery company. She contracted me for a variety of different jobs that I could do from home so that I could make enough money to go on the Marching Band trip that summer. The one that always stands out the most was folding college applications by hand, at the kitchen table, while I watched MTV.

What does your ideal day off look like?

My ideal day off starts with a cup of coffee and snuggles from my kids, hearing all the things on their minds. Then we just see where the day takes us, working on projects around the house or making a new LEGO creation. Listening to an audiobook together or going on a hike to explore a new park. Finding some delicious new restaurant and ultimately just being together.

Where in the world would you most like to visit that you have never been?

I would love to travel through Europe to see and learn about all the history. My husband and I hope to make a trip of it with another couple to celebrate our 15th anniversaries, making sure we find our way to France to see if I can still remember anything from my high school French class.

Thanks for sharing your story with us and being a valuable member of our team, Mindy! We’re lucky to have you. Stay tuned for future spotlights of the great people who make up Emergent Software!