Imagine you’re a leader in the IT department of your company. You’ve been playing the role of a DBA hero by night for years but have discovered you’re in over your head. You know you need help but you aren’t sure of the best channel to get it. You could always hire someone. Simply post a job online, do a few interviews, and hire someone to join you in your daily DBA journey. Problem solved, right?

Let’s ignore the fact that hiring top DBA talent is probably one of the toughest tasks you’ll ever encounter as an IT leader. You’re competing against 100 other companies just like yours to find your next great hire with little expertise to judge whether candidates are as talented as they say they are. You’re also going to run into the inevitable problem that whomever you hire, even if they have years of experience, will only be experienced in their current employer’s IT environment. IT changes so fast that the only exposure your resources have to modern databases is the systems they’ve worked on in the past 5 years or less. Working with one or two companies during that time significantly limits the value that they’ll be able to deliver in your environment during the first six months.

Working with a DBA Consulting firm

Have you ever considered engaging a seasoned Database Consultant instead? DBAs with the added bonus of consulting experience have broad and deep exposure across many companies, toolsets, and systems allowing them to bring more immediate value to your specific situations. The lessons they’ve learned by working with their other clients become crucial experiences used to solve your current challenges. By the nature of the job, consultants have worked with a variety of stakeholders and have learned to clearly communicate highly complex technical scenarios to all levels of your company. This allows you to offload your tasks to someone capable of performing the job better than you ever could without the need for long, drawn-out training and knowledge transfer. Your DBA consultant will bring value on day one, simple as that.

Emergent Software offers DBA consulting as an alternative to hiring DBAs full-time. We consult on a part-time basis remotely from our office. Doing so on a part-time basis grants you cost savings by leveraging economies of scale. This enables you to leverage the skills of our experienced DBA consulting team rather than relying on the knowledge and experience of one individual. A part-time engagement with Emergent Software will far outweigh the benefits of hiring a full-time employee.

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