Recently, our CEO Jamie Anderson sat down with the folks at the Agencies that Build Podcast to discuss the lessons in leadership and growth that he’s learned along the way since starting Emergent Software back in 2015 (and Emergent Networks before that!)

Here are a few nuggets of wisdom Jamie shared during the interview:

  1. Bigger isn’t always better. In smaller agencies and companies, there’s more opportunity to impact culture, to lead, and to make impacts on customers. Jamie has found that he’s happier and feels more inspired when he focuses more on building great relationships with clients instead of just chasing the next big thing.


  1. Saying no to a client is one of the hardest things you do as an agency. As a small business owner, you often take what you can get for projects when first starting out. It’s important to make sure that as you grow that you’re taking on work that aligns with your company’s mission and direction. If you can’t take on a project for whatever reason, build a network of trusted advisors to refer clients to. Jamie’s focus is on building trust with clients and serving as their strategic technology partner – even if Emergent Software isn’t the perfect fit for a project.


  1. Digital transformation accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are realizing now more than ever that they need a digital platform to remain competitive during times of upheaval. In general, many companies prioritized digital transformation goals in the last year and focused on how they could deliver the most value while working from home. The pandemic is helping to drive a lot of change in businesses and forcing many to rethink how they operate.


  1. The workplace has changed – but human connection is more valuable than ever before. The pandemic has allowed Emergent Software, and many other companies, to operate efficiently, even when the team isn’t physically together. However, there are certain elements missing from remote work, such as the human connection. Jamie (and the rest of the team) is excited to get back to meeting in person when the time is right!


  1. Growth is great but maintaining culture is equally important. “The growth metric that we are looking at is consistent, controlled growth. What’s important is maintaining the culture that we developed and maintaining the quality for our clients.” Jamie remarked that growth goals for Emergent Software are a delicate balance of expanding our team and client base but also building a culture that values employee growth, development, and providing a fantastic quality of life to the entire team.


The future is certainly bright for the team here at Emergent Software! Thanks to Agencies that Build for having Jamie on the podcast. You can listen to more episodes from agency leaders here!