Every mentoring organization is not the same. You have people who want to mentor, and you have children, teens, and young adults who need mentorship, but beyond that commonality, there are many differences depending on each organization’s mission, goals, and community. Innovative Mentoring Software can help you organize all this important data in a way that serves you and your mentoring organization best. Here are three of the many ways we can customize your database.

1. We work with your organization to ensure the data you are collecting is meaningful

During the onboarding phase of building your database, we work with you to identify the data you need to collect from your mentors and mentees. We take the application data you want to collect for both the mentor and mentee and specify which fields would better be structured. For example, when an organization has the question, ‘What school do you attend?’, they may have a text box that the applicant can fill in. At the surface, collecting the data this way seems fine. However, when trying to report on a group of kids from a specific school, it can be a real challenge to get accurate results. Our team’s intimate knowledge of the mentoring space and common reporting and rostering needs allows us to provide our clients with helpful tips as they are getting started to avoid common pitfalls that can be resource-intensive to fix on the backend.

2. We allow you to customize the registration process based on the program’s needs

Each organization has a different procedure on how to become a mentor. Typically, each mentor has to go through an application, interview, background check and approval process. But beyond that, the steps can really differ. That's why we’ve designed our database to flexibly allow you to create unique registration steps for each program in your database. In addition, we create customized Follow-up reminders so that as the mentee and/or mentor continue on in their relationship, the database will notify your staff when they are due for a check-in.

3. We allow you to collect and compare information about your mentors and mentees to ensure the best match

We know mentoring programs often want to match mentors and mentees based on interests, personality traits, and life experiences for compatibility and the long-term success of the match. Our database allows you to include these details as part of the mentor and mentee profile and presents the commonalities and differences between potential matches during the matching process. You can be as broad or specific in those labels and attributes with the hope of a good match and long-lasting mentoring relationship.

We understand that being able to customize your database gives you the confidence the information you provide will be meaningful and helpful in supporting and growing your organization.

Innovative Mentoring Software is Emergent Software’s SaaS product specifically designed to support youth mentoring organizations with a user-friendly, secure, and customizable database to keep all your mentoring data in one place. Interested in learning how Innovative Mentoring can support your team? Contact us today!