** This is an opportunity to join a team of top-notch software engineers at a US-based company working closely together on interesting projects for our clients. Everyone in the company works from home or a shared workspace. Applicants must reside in Latin America.**

Emergent Software is looking for a senior software engineer who is a smart, passionate, and curious problem solver with experience using the Microsoft stack to solve business problems. A qualified candidate is a full stack software developer with advanced knowledge of C# and .NET and experience working on numerous projects. This position is for individuals with full professional proficiency in English, good communication skills, work ethic, and the ability to participate in all aspects of the agile software development life cycle.

Highlights & Benefits of working at Emergent Software

  • All workers are first class team members. Other than working from Latin America, your experience working at Emergent will be the mostly the same as employees in the US. This includes a paid-for trip to our yearly in-person event.
  • Work from home or a shared workspace.
  • Work on projects with people from the US and Latin America speaking English 100% of the time.
  • Work closely with other talented engineers and team members. Our vetting process means you can count on your team members to know what they are talking about.
  • Flexible work schedule meaning you can work regular hours or choose weekends and evenings
  • Work-life balance is essential and highly valued at Emergent Software. If you choose to work more than 40 hours, you’ll be compensated for the extra work!
  • Work on interesting projects solving complex business problems with custom software.
  • 100 hours per year to focus on your professional development. We invest in your growth!
  • Excellent benefits package tailored to your country.

Typical Tech Stack

  • C# and .NET (latest versions)
  • Blazor or React (JS or TypeScript)
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure PaaS (App Services, Blob Storage, Service Bus, etc.)
  • Azure DevOps for CI/CD
  • Umbraco, Sitecore, or Contentful (when CMS is required)

Primary Duties

  • Solve client needs by building new custom software, enhancements, bug fixes, or consulting.
  • Work on a full scrum team contributing new code and reviewing pull requests on a large enterprise scale software project.
  • Or work closely with other senior engineers on mid-sized software development projects from start to finish balancing work from multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Participate in technical requirements gathering, technology selection, data modeling, Azure infrastructure design, and DevOps & CI/CD process design with guidance from other technical and architecture experts.
  • Architect & develop new applications and features using industry standard best practices.
  • Collaborate with other software developers on an agile development team.
  • Provide code feedback to other developers through pull request reviews.
  • Other related duties as assigned by your manager.

Required Qualifications

  • Advanced experience with Microsoft stack web development (C#, .NET, SQL Server, Azure, JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
  • Competence in at least four areas in the full stack with advanced experience in at least one:
    1. Backend development (data access, services, MVC, APIs)
    2. Frontend development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
    3. JavaScript frameworks (React, Vue.js, Angular)
    4. Database design and development (data modeling, optimization, T-SQL)
    5. Infrastructure (DevOps, CI/CD, source control, Azure)
  • Knowledge of good architectural patterns for writing scalable and maintainable software
  • Proven success leading projects from start to finish
  • Full professional proficiency in English
  • Strong technical and non-technical communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Comfortable speaking to clients
  • Ability to estimate tasks effectively and accurately
  • Ability to gather and write strong requirements based on client’s business objectives

Nice to Have Experience

  • Previous consulting experience
  • Working directly with customer teams of various sizes
  • Blazor
  • React or similar (e.g. Angular, Vue.JS)
  • Content management systems (e.g. Sitecore, Umbraco, Contentful)
  • Cross-platform mobile app development (e.g. Xamarin, React Native)
  • Other programming languages & technologies (e.g. Node.JS, PostgreSQL, Ruby, PHP)

Our Interview Process

At Emergent Software, we work hard to find the best software engineers capable of developing high quality software for our clients. If you think you’re one of those, please understand that the effort put into this by people like yourself helps us be successful in surrounding you with other top-notch engineers. Here are the steps of our vetting process for this position:

  • Application (5 minutes)
  • Online Assessment & Short Coding Test  (50-70 minutes)
  • Initial Phone Interview (30-45 minutes)
  • At-Home Coding Exercise (3-4 hours)
  • Technical Interview (60-90 minutes)
  • Job Offer!

About Emergent Software

Emergent Software is a fast-growing software development and consulting company serving clients across the country and beyond. We are building a team of talented software engineers, database architects, UX designers and project managers capable of developing high quality custom software services for our clients.

We are a remote-first company
From our inception, we offered a remote-friendly culture supporting work flexibility beyond the norm. When the pandemic of 2020 hit, all we had to do was clean out the fridge and the shift to working fully remote began. Seeing this as an opportunity, we shifted to being a remote-first company and hiring people from anywhere. We still offer that Minnesota-nice, Midwest friendly attitude but now with people all over treated the same whether they know what the skyway system is or not.

Your career grows with us
Working with talented engineers on interesting projects makes this an engaging work environment for people passionate about software development. Learning by working directly with our experienced team, utilizing our staff development program, and solving complex problems on a variety of project provide ample long-term career development opportunities.

At Emergent Software, your ideas will be heard, you will grow exponentially as a master of your craft, and you will enjoy working other dedicated team members to deliver software solutions for our clients.

Check out what others say
Check us out on Glassdoor to see how employees enjoy our remote working structure, flexible hours, profit sharing program, and more!


Fully Remote

Senior Software Engineer (C# and .NET), Latin America

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