Is your SharePoint in a good place?

In its simplest state, SharePoint is a document sharing platform, but complex features and challenging configuration processes have led to inconsistent levels of success with SharePoint for companies both large and small. The key is to partner with an expert who can sift through your business needs and translate them into a solution that takes advantage of all SharePoint has to offer. 

Let's start with Discovery.

Not sure where to begin? Start with a SharePoint Discovery and Design project and see where it leads. Our specialists meet with your key user groups to understand their processes and pain points, demonstrate applicable SharePoint tools and capabilities, and help you identify the best opportunities to add value with SharePoint.

Starting over? We build to suit!

Our team of SharePoint Architects and Analysts work directly with your staff to map workflows, design the user experience, and implement a SharePoint system tailored to your needs. We've seen it all when it comes to SharePoint. Let our experience with both the good and the bad guide your implementation plan, saving you money and maximizing the value of your SharePoint investment in the end.

Stuck in SharePoint 2013? We'll upgrade your existing platform.

Already use SharePoint? Great! We work with clients beyond initial implementations to build integrations with other systems, develop custom features, guide your team through upgrades & migrations, and more. We can help you get to the latest version of SharePoint (2019), Office 365, or a hybrid combination that best meets your needs.

SharePoint Security & Health Checks

Share sensitive, confidential information on a need-to-know basis in SharePoint knowing that our team of experts have secured and hardened the platform using Microsoft’s best practices. Our Emergent SharePoint Health Check is a technical review of your existing system’s security, performance, infrastructure, and general adherence to best practices. A comprehensive report of our findings will guide decisions regarding your SharePoint instance.

Need an Admin?

Emergent offers SharePoint Online Administration as a service to clients who already use SharePoint effectively but need assistance with their system's upkeep. This is an attractive option to any organization whose SharePoint implementation is complex enough to need an expert's oversight, but not large enough to require a full-time resource. Learn more about our SharePoint 365 Administrator Services here.

Take SharePoint to the Cloud with Office 365!

Ready to make the move to Office 365 and SharePoint Online? 180 million monthly subscribers are already benefiting from the platform every day! We’ll help you modernize your classic SharePoint solutions to operate best on SharePoint Online. Modern SharePoint is fully responsive for mobile devices, fast, and easier to use and learn. Enjoy new templates for SharePoint including communication sites, modern team sites, hub sites, and more! 

Along with SharePoint Online, we’ll help you get started with the many other Office 365 tools and services that will tie into your cloud solutions. This includes popular Office 365 tools like:

  • Microsoft PowerApps for creating rich, modern apps for mobile and desktop. These can be integrated right into your SharePoint and MS Teams sites!
  • Microsoft Teams for modern collaboration tools including voice, chat, web meetings, document management, task management and much more. This is your new desktop for Office 365!
  • Power BI to create rich reports and dashboards. These can be shared many different ways and embedded in SharePoint and MS Teams.
  • Microsoft Stream for secure enterprise video hosting and publishing. Use Stream to share Video channels YouTube style right in your SharePoint portal.
  • Microsoft Flow to create modern automation logic to connect your business apps and processes. Flow can send emails, capture approvals, and move data to and from other systems including SharePoint, SQL Server and cloud services like Dynamics, BaseCamp, DropBox, Twitter, and much more.

Let's Talk About Your Project