Is your website accessible to all?

One in ten Americans struggle to use traditional websites due to a disability. Fortunately, the web developers at Emergent Software follow an industry-accepted set of guidelines called WCAG 2.0 to ensure all users have equal access to content and site features.

Adopting accessibility standards improves the user experience for everyone, broadens a website’s audience, and can even improve Google rankings. Beyond these practical benefits, there are also ethical and legal reasons to invest in digital accessibility. Although formal federal regulations specific to website accessibility aren’t expected until 2018, lawsuits regarding inaccessible websites have more than doubled over the past few years. Emergent Software can help identify gaps in your website’s accessibility and resolve any issues before they cause major problems for your business.

Check your website's compliance with an Accessibility Audit.

Is Your Website WCAG 2.0 compliant? An Emergent Website Accessibility Audit lets you know where you stand. This comprehensive audit uses multiple top accessibility checkers to identify gaps in your website’s accessibility and provide you with a plan on how to attain WCAG 2.0 compliance. Our audit covers:

  • Readable and navigable by screen readers
  • Text alternatives for all visual media
  • Color differentiation
  • Contrast levels between text and backgrounds
  • Resizable up to 200%
  • Page landmarks and hierarchy
  • Input forms
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Consistency and clarity

We are an accessible-first website development company.

Emergent Software has a long history of developing accessible websites. Our team of specialists will update your existing sites to the latest standards or build a new website from the ground up with accessibility in mind. Whatever your need, we’ve got you covered.

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