A promising concept transformed into a game-changing property tax assessment web application.

USA Property Tax Associates (USA PTA) is a dedicated team of attorneys and tax specialists striving to achieve uniformity and standardization in the field of property tax administration in America. With engagement from Emergent Software, USA PTA has created a first-of-its-kind data aggregation & business intelligence tool called PinPoint Property Tax Finder. This cloud-based app instantly analyzes tax data across commercial properties, providing insights and highlighting inequities all in one view.

Finding a development partner who understands how to build scalable SaaS products.

By early 2017, the team at USA PTA knew they were on to something. An idea originally thought of by their founder, tax attorney Robert Hill, was starting to show true promise. The tool could “scrape” public databases for commercial property tax information and present it to the user for filtering and reporting. The concept was powerful, but they would need a development partner to transform it into a professional-looking, intuitive application that could scale as they built up their user base.

After searching around the Twin Cities for a local custom application development company, USA PTA landed on Emergent Software as a team that could deliver exactly what they were looking for. Emergent Software also brought in their colleagues at LN Design Co to create a brand strategy, design the new look & feel of the website and application, and consult on decisions regarding system usability to ensure a positive user experience.

Over the next few months, Hill’s idea was brought to life. The tool, now named PinPoint, had a brand all its own with a professional-looking website to market its capabilities and a full-featured user-friendly application to back up its claims. With interactive maps, charts, and tables that put over 100 counties-worth of commercial property tax information at your fingertips, users can narrow in on a set of comparable properties and print visual aids highlighting tax inequities in just a few clicks. The web app is now proving its value in real-world cases, helping attorneys reduce assessed values by over 40% in some cases!

Technologies Used

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PinPoint Screen Shots

Browse through the screen shots below to get a better idea of what we built for PinPoint.

"Emergent helped us design our software and has been fantastic at implementing the features we wanted the software to have. Because this project continuously changed as it grew, Emergent worked diligently to make sure that what they were doing still fit in the scope of what we needed to have done. From the website to the actual tool, Emergent held our hand every step of the way and always relayed their progress timely."

Mike Wedl, USA PTA CEO

Michael R. Wedl
President & CEO, USAPTA, Inc.

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