Get more value from your Four51 Storefront site with custom extensions

Four51 Storefront is a robust business-to-business eCommerce platform that has been streamlining the B2B order management process for over 17 years. Emergent Software helps clients get even more value out of this powerful tool through custom extensions, Single Sign-On (SSO), system integrations, custom Storefront ecommerce websites, PageFlex Studio development, and Punchout consulting.

Custom Discount System for Four51 Storefront

ROBYN Promotions and Printing needed a custom discount system for one of their clients who provided promotional materials to their franchises across the country. Emergent Software utilized the order web services included with the Four51 buyer store to apply custom logic and override prices depending on the franchise placing the order.  This provided Robyn’s client complete flexibility over discount rules and the ability offer discounts maintained per franchise.

Single Sign-On (SSO) with Office365, G-Suite (Google), SAP or any SAML-Compliant Systems

Four51 provides a proprietary SSO option using what’s called an APL, but this does not easily integrate with most intranets or identity providers.  We develop & host SSO middleware to integrate SAML-capable systems with Four51 Storefront.  We can also customize the SSO process with automated tasks such as synching users shipping addresses in Four51.

SSO with WordPress

WordPress can be utilized for authentication & user management (employees can be configured as subscribers) and integrated with your Four51 store.  This allows your employees to click a link on your website, be prompted to login using their own WordPress credentials and then be automatically redirected and logged into your Four51 store.

Order Integration with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP and More

Emergent Software has implemented order integration from the Four51 Storefront to various backend systems including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), custom systems and more.  This system integration automatically pushes orders generated in the Four51 store to the back-end system for order fulfillment & shipping.

Shipping Notification and Inventory Balance Integration

Often implemented alongside order integration, we have also implemented shipping notification and inventory balance integrations with Four51 Storefront.  When an order in the backend order fulfillment system is updated with shipping information or the order status changes, our software will automatically update the order in Four51.  In addition, our software can also automatically push inventory balances to Four51.

Custom Shipping Rates

Four51 Storefront has certain limitations that can make it difficult to provide accurate shipping rates in certain situations like shipping products from different warehouses or for orders weighing more than 100 pounds.  Emergent Software can use the Four51 order web services to customize the shipping rates presented to customers while still offering real-time price quotes from UPS, FedEx or any other shipping service.

Storefront Customizations

Not only can Emergent Software modify the look & feel of your Four51 Storefront 2.0 site with a custom theme, we can add a wrapper around the store incorporating additional functionality such as Amazon-like flexible filtering with multiple categories, price range, ratings, etc. and integrations with other platforms or external data.

PageFlex Storefront Development

Emergent Software has PageFlex Studio expertise to be able to implement complex dynamic printable materials including business cards, mailers, menus and more.

Punchout Integration Consulting

Consultants from Emergent Software are available to facilitate your Punchout cXML integration with Four51 and the buyer’s purchasing software.

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