Emergent is Four51's go-to partner for custom integrations.

Four51 Storefront is a robust business-to-business eCommerce platform that has been streamlining the B2B order management process for over 17 years. Emergent Software is the preferred partner for solutions that require custom software development involving complex integrations between Four51 and other systems like Salesforce. We help clients get more value out of this powerful tool through single sign-on (SSO), system integrations, and custom Storefront ecommerce websites.

Integrate with Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP and more.

Whether you need orders initiated with shipping addresses from contacts in Salesforce, order details pushed to your backend system ERP system for order fulfillment & shipping, or your just need the data somewhere for reporting, Emergent is uniquely positioned to complete your project. Our software team has many years of experience implementing Four51 order integrations with many backend systems including Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), and more.

Often implemented alongside order integration, shipping notification and inventory balance integrations keep your Four51 StoreFront and your backend order fulfillment systems in sync. Inventory balances are pushed to Four51 while shipping information and order status changes pushed to your backend ERP system. At Emergent, we build the glue that connects your systems with Four51.

Custom discounting, freight handling, external data... the possibilities are endless.

With Four51’s unique webhook integrations, we customize product prices and freight charges applied directly in users’ shopping carts. This makes possible custom discounting based on external data sources and custom logic and support for additional freight providers.

Not only can Emergent Software modify the look & feel of your Four51 Storefront 2.0 site with a custom theme, we can add a wrapper around the store incorporating additional functionality such as Amazon-like flexible filtering with multiple categories, price range, ratings, etc. and integrations with other platforms or external data.

Four51 Custom Integrations

Check out some Four51 custom software projects that we’ve developed at Emergent Software:

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