Utilizing the Azure Cloud, we make enterprise-class disaster recovery technology affordable for any organization to protect their data and applications. We help companies design, implement, validate, and test disaster recovery plans using Microsoft Azure.

Most disasters are caused by humans

Many of us equate disaster with floods, tornados, earthquakes, meteorites, and other ecological events. The truth is that in IT, most disasters are hardware failure, software issues, cyberattacks such as ransomware, or human error. Disasters have no care for the size of your company, industry, or complexity, but it can be the end for many small businesses.

The post-pandemic world has different rules

The impact of the global pandemic of 2020 has significantly strained companies with staff reductions and stretched resources due to increases with people working remotely. Many computers now being used to access corporate assets are unknown and usually unmanaged. This introduces new avenues for Ransomware and cyberattacks, which are thriving. The need for validated & tested disaster recovery plans has never been higher. 

A match made in Heaven (or at least in the cloud)

Partnering with Microsoft Azure, Emergent Software helps you utilize the hyper-scale of the cloud computing platform, assisting clients with the most basic workloads all the way to highly complex enterprise workloads. We work with organizations that have equipment in their office, data center, or even in another cloud provider such as AWS.

The Emergent Software strategy is to discover your digital estate, categorize the assets, design the disaster recovery plan, and create the deployment project. With that, we will work through complex issues such as network connectivity, latency issues, regional requirements. Whether your outage is planned, like maintenance, or unplanned, such as human error, your data and workloads need to be safe. We utilize the cloud to ensure your secondary site is ready for your business and keeps you online.

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