We help companies quickly implement reliable and cost-effective backup solutions in the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

Losing data is more common than ever, yet never more costly

With everything going digital, the cost of data loss has increased, which has only sharpened due to the 2020 pandemic. According to Microsoft, in the last year, over 30% of companies have lost data without recovery. This data loss is not only caused by equipment failure but also human error, Ransomware, and more. We can help you safely back up your data in Microsoft Azure.

Is your SAN running out of space for your backups?

With more remote work, the volume of digital assets has risen requiring additional backup storage. Expanding backup solutions on-premises or in the data center solutions require new storage hardware which is both costly and takes time to implement putting your data at risk. We can help you move or extend your backup solution in the cloud which when done right is faster and less expensive.

Standardize with Emergent on Microsoft Azure Backup

Emergent Software has standardized on using the Microsoft Azure Backup service to help our clients protect the most critical parts of your organization, the data, with no additional costs for infrastructure and management overhead. Microsoft Azure Backup protects VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines, files, databases, and so much more. Backups are encrypted with AES-256 at rest and in transmission with the option to use MFA for tasks such as file restores, making this a very secure solution.

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