Finding a skilled DBA in today's job market can be difficult. Skip the headache of hiring and work with our SQL Server experts as your Remote DBA team instead.  Check out all of the Remote DBA Support & Services we have to offer.

SQL Server Assessment: Health Check & Security Audit

Your system and network admins may think everything is up to snuff with your database environment, but we know from performing many SQL Server health checks & security audits for businesses across a variety of industries that most database servers are poorly configured. In fact, many times, very small changes lead to significant improvements in performance and reliability. And since environments are constantly changing with newly added databases, new reports, changing permissions, etc. regular health checks and security audits are a must. Contact us today to get an outside party, expert review of your environment.

Backup & Maintenance Plans

How confident are you that your databases are properly backed up? Have you validated your recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO)? SQL Server database administrators at Emergent Software can help you answer these questions—contact us today!

Combine our Emergent Database Maintenance Solution and proactive monitoring with database manage services to ensure your databases are always securely backed up.

Disaster Recovery

How much data loss can you tolerate when disaster strikes? How much time can you operate without your database systems being online? Answering these questions and validating that you can achieve your recovery goals is key to your business functionality at the highest level regardless of what happens. Your IT team may have DR plans in place for your servers and infrastructure, but without SQL Server expertise, you might be exposed to potential data loss and an inability to quickly get your core business applications up and running when their plan is executed. Emergent’s SQL Server DBA’s can make sure your databases are configured with a recovery strategy that matches your recovery expectations.

SQL Server Best Practices Configuration

Much of what we find in our database health checks can be avoided if SQL Server is configured correctly out of the gate. Don’t rely on your system administrators or your BI developers to install and configure SQL Server, because it won’t be done correctly. Contact Emergent before your virtual machines are built and we’ll make sure your database environment is configured with best practices to maximize your infrastructure investments.

High Availability Clusters

Your most important systems that require 24/7 operation with little to no downtime need high-availability SQL Server clustering. Emergent’s SQL Server experts help IT leaders choose the right SQL Server cluster technology given your high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) needs and budget. We perform best practice configurations of Availability Group (AG) clusters and traditional standard failover (FCE) clusters.

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