As part of a software development company, our database team are experts at all aspects of developing database systems. Check out the database development services we have to offer.

Query Performance Tuning & Optimization

Database performance tuning is one of the most overlooked aspects in the world of software development. As software is initially developed, little consideration is applied to how it will perform after 2 years of data have been created. Even for packaged software, tuning to your specific usage is required to maximize performance. Regular tuning & database optimization by a database developer or DBA is must to keep your application users happy and your infrastructure utilization costs down.

SQL Server Stored Procedure Development

Stored procedures sometimes get a bad rep with software developers because of past experiences with lengthy & poor performing stored procedures. But this reputation is undeserved as bad code can be found in every layer of an application. With our SQL Server development best practices, our team develops performant stored procedures that execute complex logic when it makes sense to do so close to the data (e.g. cascading deletes or data transformations).

Database Design & Data Model Reviews

When it comes to software, nothing is more important for its long-term success than the quality of the underlying database. A poorly modeled database leads to spaghetti code, inability to adapt to changes, and difficulty in creating accurate reporting. Whether you have your own development team or engage Emergent for the entire project, our database architects make sure custom software is built on a solid foundation.

Power BI & SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Development

Business intelligence is only achieved when your data is easy to digest fashion and includes slicing & dicing capabilities to get the answers you’re looking for. We can consult you on making your reports more powerful, flexible and relevant to your business decision makers while also developing the reports you already know you need. Our team can work with most reporting platforms, but we excel at the Microsoft stack including developing reports in Power BI and SSRS.

ETL Development & SSIS Maintenance

Whether you need new ETL process development to move data around or you have existing SSIS packages or SQL Agent jobs that are taking too long, our expert SQL Server developers can help. We love reducing the time it takes for jobs to finish—sometimes by more than 90%!

Data Warehousing

Our database architects can walk your team through the process of developing a best-practice data warehouse and creating dimensional data model to act as a solid foundation for your business intelligence efforts. We have expertise building data warehouses in SQL Server, Azure Synapse or Snowflake. Database architects are available for staff augmentation, or you can choose to outsource your entire database project to our team.

Software Development Team Support

Are your software developers or report designers the best people to write optimized queries against your data?  Query writing is a different skill than coding or laying out data on reports and is best performed by database experts who understand the nuances required to access data in an optimized and well performing way. Our database team can come alongside your software or BI team and help write queries or audit them before they get deployed to production.

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