Reporting platforms like Power BI are easier than ever to adopt, but before you jump into Business Intelligence, make sure your data is organized and accurate or you’ll end up with a patchwork of reports spread out everywhere and that don’t reconcile. Emergent’s team of senior SQL Server developers use ETL tools like SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to pull your data together into data warehouses and data marts, allowing for accurate & standardized reporting.

Got data by chance?

Whether you have SAP, JD Edwards, Sage, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks or any other system, if you have data, we can pull it into SQL Server and transform it into an easily reportable format. Emergent SQL Server consultants have extensive experience importing and pulling data from all sorts of systems (ETL) using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and other ETL tools.

Data without a warehouse is just a lake... Huh?

Emergent database architects can expertly model your enterprise data from various systems and data lakes into a dimensional data warehouse using best-practice star schema or snowflake schema architecture. The data warehouse provides organized and aggregated data for efficient comparison and analysis while maintaining strict accuracy and integrity giving you the long-range view of your data you need to make effective business decisions.

From there the possibilities are endless as the data is now available for all your business intelligence and reporting needs. As your systems and needs inevitably change, our database developers continue to be available for new phases or even simply tweaks and fixes to the data warehouse and business intelligence systems.

Need to augment your team or outsource the project, we have you covered

Our database team loves working together to deliver successful data warehouses to our clients, but if you already have a core group of developers and analysts who simply need guidance from a senor database architect to build it right on the first go, we can help you though staff augmentation.

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