People use the term “SQL Server DBA” to refer to so many skills and functions including database server administration, performance tuning, data warehousing, ETL development, BI reporting, and much more. A single person with skills and expertise in all these areas is very rare (someone we call a “unicorn developer”). But you can have this all by employing our local team of senior SQL Server experts.

All businesses today have mission-critical data, but do you know if yours is safe, secure, and optimized? For many data has become a company’s most precious asset, yet the job of managing that critical asset falls on team members who aren’t full-time database experts resulting in misconfiguration, poor performance, and potential looming disasters.

With SQL Server Managed Services from Emergent, you can rest assured knowing that your database environment is monitored in real-time and that critical alerts are being responded to and resolved quickly, allowing your business to maintain system uptime and continually operate efficiently and profitably. Outsourcing the management and maintenance of your database environment is a cost-effective solution for many organizations who cannot afford to hire an internal team of database administrators.

Can you rely on system administrators to manage your databases?

Data is mission critical to every business, and yet many companies end up with an “accidental DBA” managing their SQL Server environment. Given that, many people in the role do not have proper training and rarely follow best practices. Don’t rely on someone inexperienced at managing databases to keep your most valuable asset safe while they learn on the job. Instead, count on our team of experienced DBAs to keep your most important systems up and running and your business functioning at full speed.

Why not just hire one full time DBA?

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that one competent database administrator is enough to ensure your SQL Server environment is running smoothly 24x7. First of all, finding and vetting a quality DBA in this job market is not easy. If you’re not SQL Server expert, how can you be sure you’re hiring one?

At Emergent, we have a strong team of senior SQL Server DBAs who are constantly staying on top of the latest recommendations from the experts in the field like Brent Ozar, Erik Darling, and David Klee. When hiring, DBA candidates are put through an extensive vetting process requiring completion of technical challenges to demonstrate the ability to perform a best practices SQL Server installation & configuration, design a database, and complete an ETL development project. The few candidates who pass this test move on to interview with multiple senior SQL Server experts before being hired.

Even if you do find someone you feel confident with, you’ll need to let that person go on vacation and requiring that person to be on-call 24x7 is likely to lead to job dissatisfaction. In addition, it’s difficult to keep one talented database engineer engaged with challenging and interesting work with just your database environment to look after. The writing is on the wall--they’ll soon be looking for something different in this hot job market and then you’ll be caught with a big gap in coverage with pressure to quickly hire someone else regardless of how competent they are.

Access to a team with a watchful eye 24x7

With Emergent, you have access to an entire team of SQL Server consultants who are trained database administrators with a wealth of best practices policies & documentation. Your data is safe with our real-time monitoring & alerting system which utilizes enterprise class software to monitor your systems and alert our team of issues and potential downtime. We even put heartbeat monitors in place to make sure the alerting system is functioning.

Your DBA team from Emergent keeps things moving forward

In addition to monitoring your database environment, our database team works on your prioritized tasks across the gamut of DBA and database development related activities. With our team in place, your SQL Server environment won’t sit statically accumulating technical debt or slowly performing worse as your data grows. Below are just some of the services our database team can provide.

Production DBA Services

  • Backup and maintenance configuration and monitoring
  • SQL Server infrastructure consolidation
  • Best practices SQL Server installation & configuration
  • High availability clustering and disaster recovery
  • System performance issue root cause analysis
  • SQL Server patching & upgrades

Database Development Services

  • Query performance tuning and optimization
  • Missing index analysis and maintenance
  • Stored procedure development
  • ETL development & maintenance
  • Power BI & SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) development
  • Database design and data model reviews
  • Data warehousing

A single person with skills and expertise in all these areas is very rare (someone we call a “unicorn developer”). But you can have this all by employing our local team of senior SQL Server experts.

Why choose SQL Server Managed Services?

With SQL Server Managed Services from Emergent, you will be confident in your ability to quickly recover from database corruption, accidental deletion of data, and server failure. Better yet, with our proactive monitoring, such incidents are much less likely to happen in the first place. With quarterly reports on the health of your environment, you can have full confidence and be able to provide concrete results to upper management.

With Emergent’s multiple options for SQL Server Managed Services, taking control of your data has never been easier. We partner with our clients to prepare sets of alerts appropriate for each of their environments and will be your around-the-clock support when things go wrong. Let us help pick the package that's right for you!

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