People use the term “SQL Server DBA” to refer to so many skills and functions including database server administration, performance tuning, data warehousing, ETL development, BI reporting, and much more. A single person with skills and expertise in all these areas is very rare (someone we call a “unicorn developer”). But you can have this all by employing our local team of senior SQL Server experts.

In addition, with Emergent’s SQL Server Managed Service, you will be confident in your ability to quickly recover from database corruption, accidental deletion of data, and server failure. Better yet, with our proactive monitoring, such incidents are much less likely to happen in the first place. With quarterly reports on the health of your environment, you can have full confidence in your environment and be able to provide concrete results to upper management.

Should you hire your own DBA?

The hiring market for database administrators is very tight. Finding a skilled DBA with the right experience is very challenging in today’s market. Is your IT department able to properly evaluate DBA candidates?

Emergent puts DBA recruits through an extensive vetting process requiring completion of technical challenges to demonstrate the ability to perform a best practices SQL Server installation & configuration, design a database and complete an ETL development project. The few candidates who pass this test move on to interview with multiple senior SQL Server experts before being hired as an Emergent DBA.

Can you rely on system administrators to manage your databases?

Data is mission critical to every business, and yet many companies end up with an “accidental DBA” managing their SQL Server environment. Don’t rely on one inexperienced DBA to keep your most valuable asset safe while they learn on the job. Instead, rely on our team of experienced DBAs to keep your most important systems up and running and your business functioning at full speed.

Why you should choose SQL Server Managed Services.

Your data is safe with Emergent's SQL Server Managed Service offering 24x7 proactive monitoring and urgent alert response. We use enterprise class software to monitor your systems and alert our team of issues and potential downtime. We even run daily tests of the alerting process itself--if we don't get a test alert from your environment, we get notified about that and will make sure your environment is running smoothly.

All businesses today have mission-critical data, but do you know if yours is safe, secure, and optimized? In many cases, data has become a company’s most precious asset, yet the job of managing that critical asset falls on team members who aren’t full-time database experts resulting in misconfiguration, poor performance, and potential looming disasters. Hire our local team of senior SQL Server database administrators with a full suite of SQL Server database skills to keep your mission-critical database systems online and your business making money. 

With Emergent’s multiple options for SQL Server Managed Services, taking control of your data has never been easier. We partner with our clients to prepare sets of alerts appropriate for each of their environments and will be your around-the-clock support when things go wrong. Let us help pick the package that's right for you!

Service Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Critical Issue Response

4hr Response
Business Days
7am - 6pm CT

2hr Response

Business Days

7am - 6pm CT

2hr Response

365 Days/Year
6am - 9pm CT

60min Response

365 Days/Year


Non-Critical Issue Response within One Business Day checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Report Issues Online using Emergent SQL Support Portal checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Guaranteed Professional Services Hourly Rate checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Proactive SQL Server Patching * checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Custom Backup & Maintenance Plans with Smart Indexing   checkmark checkmark checkmark
Database Backup Monitoring & Remediation *   checkmark checkmark checkmark
Quarterly Database Health Check & Security Audit, Business Review reports     checkmark checkmark
Real-time SQL Server Monitoring with Custom Alerting     checkmark checkmark
Initial SQL Server Infrastructure Assessment       checkmark
Monthly Alert & Response Activity Report       checkmark
Client Managed Production DBA Hours   1-4 hours/quarter
per server
3-9 hours/quarter
per server
4-13 hours/quarter
per server
Development DBA Services add-on add-on add-on add-on

* Platinum & Gold pricing includes patch installs and backup remediation. Available to Silver & Bronze clients on T&M basis


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