Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is a software development approach that enables the timely, secure, and repeatable delivery of software changes. It involves developers collaborating on a shared code repository where changes are automatically detected and integrated into the main branch.

We use CI/CD for our custom software development projects to ensure that we're delivering value to our customers as quickly as possible without compromising quality. The frequent software releases shorten the time it takes to get new features and enhancements to your end-users, while automated testing reduces the risk of errors in the code.

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Azure DevOps Pipelines and GitHub Actions

Microsoft offers two solutions for CI/CD pipelines. Azure DevOps can trace its history with Microsoft back to 2006 when it first launched as Team Foundation Server. Meanwhile, GitHub, the most popular CI/CD solution on the market, was acquired by Microsoft in 2018.

Both tools offer the ability to create customized workflows that automatically build, test, publish, release, and deploy code. Our team has extensive knowledge of both solutions and is ready to leverage them for your custom software project.

Make the move to GitHub

Microsoft still supports both Azure DevOps and GitHub, but it’s clear that GitHub is the future of Microsoft CI/CD. We have expertise in both tools and can help you migrate from Azure DevOps to GitHub Enterprise.

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