Infrastructure as Code (IaC) refers to managing and provisioning cloud infrastructure using code rather than manual processes. Microsoft stresses the importance of IaC in its Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, a set of best practices, documentation, and tools that we follow in our cloud infrastructure projects.

IaC blends software development with cloud services – both core competencies of ours. When we work on cloud projects for our customers, we leverage IaC to achieve:

  • Increased efficiency       
  • Lower costs
  • Error reduction
  • Version control
  • Security and compliance

Azure Bicep and Terraform

Our team has in-depth experience and understanding of two top IaC tools, Azure Bicep and Terraform.

Bicep is a declarative language created by Microsoft for deploying Azure resources. It has the advantage of being tightly integrated with other Microsoft tools like Azure DevOps and Azure CLI and gets day one support for new Azure services. Terraform is an IaC tool written in Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL) that can be used with Azure or other cloud platforms.

Our expertise in both Terraform and Azure Bicep allows us to deliver robust and scalable infrastructure solutions for our customers.

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