Emergent Software is one of the few Web Development firms in the US to achieve Umbraco Platinum Partner status. We're also the only US company to achieve Umbraco Contributing Platinum Partner Status (2023) for our continued involvement in the Umbraco Community. We build websites of all sizes, but our technical expertise makes us a perfect fit for complex websites with advanced features like e-commerce, scheduling, web-based applications, custom workflows, and integrations. With our full set of services including UI/UX design, development, migrations, hosting, and 24/7 website support, we’re built to support all your website needs long after delivering your first project.

Why Umbraco?

Great question! Our experienced web development team builds websites using a variety of content management systems (CMS), so we have the insight to help select the right CMS for your business. We often recommend the Umbraco Content Management System to clients interested in:

  • A fully-customized website design and user experience
  • A simple content management experience tailored to your editors’ needs
  • A license-free, open-source platform backed by proven Microsoft technology
  • A low-weight CMS solution that can be scaled up to perform well for large enterprises

Flexibility and customization

Umbraco’s open API layers mean that developers can build add-ons and plug-ins to extend and customize your Umbraco site, ensuring that it meets your needs and integrates with your existing tech stack. There are also hundreds of free extensions created by members of the Umbraco community for anyone’s use.

Umbraco offers a composable DXP (digital experience platform). That means that instead of being tied to a single vendor, we can help you choose the best digital tools for your business and put them all together into one solution. For example, we could link your Umbraco CMS with an ecommerce platform, marketing tools, a product information management (PIM) solution, your CRM, and any other business-critical SaaS tools.

Intuitive editing

Umbraco is known for being user-friendly and intuitive for content editors.

Your content is neatly organized into searchable trees, making everything easy to find. It’s simple to add new content to any section of your site, create new sections, or move pages around to evolve the structure of your site, all without needing any technical skill.

Before you create content, you probably want to preview it. With Umbraco, you don’t just get one preview – you can toggle between previews of the content on multiple device types.

If your organization has a global audience, Umbraco has features to help you manage multilingual content within a single website instance. Each piece of content can exist in multiple variations at the same time.

Made a mistake with your content? No problem. Umbraco’s versioning and audit trails mean you can quickly roll back to an earlier version.

Open-source CMS

You don’t have to pay for a software license to use Umbraco. While other content management systems may have more off-the-shelf features, Umbraco is often more cost-effective in the long-run.

Microsoft technology

Umbraco is built on Microsoft’s .NET framework and written in C#. That means users benefit from the many advantages of .NET, including its scalability, reliability, and security.

Check out some of our Umbraco project case studies below.

Umbraco Website Projects - Built by Emergent Software

So, you want us to prove it? We wouldn’t have it any other way! Here are just a few of our recent Umbraco success stories: 

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