Cyber Security begins with knowing where you stand against threats. Emergent can help.

Think your business is too small to be targeted online? Most hackers now employ automated scanning tools to detect and exploit vulnerabilities, making everyone a target. Threats range from stealing customer and credit card information to infecting visitors with malware to even hijacking or crashing a site. Our team of Web Developers enlist multiple best-in-class security scans and assessments to guide you to improved online security. Our initial online security audit provides a great value upfront while continued regular scans and assessments provide you with ongoing protection against future attacks.

Self-Assessment & Review

Emergent Software has compiled a set of questions to help you self-identify potential security risks with your system and processes. Once complete, an Emergent Security team member will review the results with you to determine appropriate steps for the audit.

Website Vulnerability Scan

An Emergent Security Team member uses an industry leading vulnerability scanning tool to check your site for potential risk. Our staff then builds a plan to resolve any issues found by the scan and presents the plan and cost estimate to the client.

Database User Access & Sensitive Data Handling Audit

Emergent will investigate which users have access to various types of data in your system. We’ll then review how sensitive data is handled in the database to determine any potential issues.

Policies & Procedures Evaluation

An often overlooked component of a data security plan is your organization’s policies and procedures for handling access to its secure data. Emergent will check for common mistakes like account sharing, improper training, lack of 3rd party governance, etc.

PCI Assessment & One-Time Scan

Clients who process and transmit credit card data are subject to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Emergent Software is not a PCI certified vendor, but our team will help determine if PCI compliance is necessary for your site and can run an initial PCI scan for free in addition to the above security checks so that you know where you stand with PCI DSS. Emergent will guide you on next steps regarding PCI compliance based on the results of the assessment & scan.


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