Many businesses face similar challenges in their daily operations. Custom software is a great way to reduce inefficiencies, replace outdated and hard-to-maintain software, streamline business processes, create something completely unique to your business, and save you money in the long run. Check out the three common business challenges we’ve helped our clients solve for through custom software development:

1. Tracking inventory and other data-heavy processes have become too complicated for spreadsheets

Trying to manage the inventory planning and forecasting process for a growing business with only a few employees is difficult, and often results in complex spreadsheets that are hard to update and maintain. Why spend the time and energy building a static document that only adds time to inventory planning and forecasting when instead you can have a custom-built, fully online and mobile friendly system instead (and at a reasonable cost too)?

This is exactly the challenge we helped the team at Botanical Blitz solve for. By building a completely online application that is accessible anywhere with an internet connection, the inventory planning, forecasting, and reporting process is easier than ever.

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2. Outdated legacy software has become a liability for the business

Many businesses find themselves in a position where they’ve outgrown their legacy software system but find it hard to take a step back and plan to modernize the system that is the backbone of their main operations. Essentially hitting the “pause” button to transfer data from one system to the other feels intimidating, time-consuming, and stressful for many (and rightfully so). But, upgrading your legacy software system to something modern and cloud-based helps your team to save time, money, and frustration by eliminating complicated procedures that are currently a part of your legacy system.

When the team at Phoenix Loss Control realized they had outgrown their custom software system and needed to upgrade, they came to our team with a quick 30-day timeline to migrate their data over to virtual machines for their team. After a successful migration, our team created a brand-new software system that scales to support overall business growth and have built custom solutions to replace their inefficient and outdated business processes and our team works to continually make improvements to the system.

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3. Lack of consistent use of sales enablement resources is impacting sales results

Every business has a sales team and they often spend their time in meetings with prospective clients off-site. While on the road, it can be difficult to prepare for sales meetings when there may not always be a reliable printer or an internet connection at the location of the meeting. Ensuring that your sales team can focus more on clients and less on preparing for sales meetings is made easy through custom software.

When a medical device company approached us with this exact problem, we created an on-the-go sales playbook app for their company-issued iPads. The app allows sales reps to gather sales materials in a digital format before a sales presentation and a simple way to bundle and email materials to their prospective clients afterward. The sales team can also upload and manage their inventory of materials to ensure they’re up to date.

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Custom software can be used to solve an endless variety of business challenges, both simple and complex. Contact us today to request a FREE consultation with our team to learn more about the immense value custom software can bring your business.