the latest Emergent Podcast episode, Emergent Software Azure Architect Jeremy Brewer shared his expertise on using Microsoft Teams to transform workplace dynamics. He introduced new and upcoming features, talked about the role of AI in Teams, and let us know how to find out about the latest Teams enhancements.

Microsoft Teams and AI

Microsoft is at the forefront of the AI revolution, so it’s no surprise that artificial intelligence is being incorporated into Teams. The goal of these new features is to help remove human error and free us from time-consuming, tedious tasks.

For example, Intelligent Recap will automatically provide a summary of your Teams meeting and a list of action items. These next steps can be automatically added to Microsoft Planner.

New Teams features

Jeremy delved into a few other new features, including:

The Walkie Talkie app—Walkie Talkie provides a push-to-talk experience, enabling instant and secure voice communications. Team members can listen and talk to other team members who are connected through Walkie Talkie on the same channel. Jeremy mentioned that this capability is valuable not just in an office setting, but field workers like remote sales staff, nurses, or construction workers.

Immersive spaces—Immersive spaces are 3D virtual spaces designed to make meetings feel more like face-to-face interaction. Just like an in-person meeting, immersive spaces allow for simultaneous conversations between subgroups in the meeting.

Getting the most out of Microsoft Teams

In the podcast, Jeremy explains that if you work with Emergent Software, we’ll learn about your business needs and let you know about relevant new Teams features as they come along. But you can also find out about this information on your own. Go to and click on the Message Center to see all the latest updates. Jeremy recommends checking in from time to time to see if there’s anything new you should be using.

Want to know more about advanced Teams features? Check out this blog post.

Or get in touch to let us know how we can help you unlock the potential of Teams and other Microsoft products.