When things go wrong, will you be ready?

How confident are you that your databases are properly backed up? Have you validated your recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO)? SQL Server database administrators at Emergent Software can help you answer these questions—contact us today!

VM backups are all I need, right? Wrong!

A significant misunderstanding in the IT world today is that VM backups are all you need for data protection and disaster recovery. VM backup systems are popular with server administrators for standardizing of the backup implementation across the company, but they often don’t meet the point-in-time recovery objectives you have for your mission-critical data. They simply can’t provide the same capabilities as native SQL Server backups (Red Gate SQL Backup and LiteSpeed are great options too), including the ability to restore to any point in time from full and transaction log backups.

When system administrators do try to configure maintenance plans for database backups, their lack of in-depth knowledge often leads to mistakes. For example, transaction log backups sometimes fail leading to disks filling up and systems crashing. IT administrators will often find an answer on Google telling them to switch the recovery model to simple and no longer deal with those pesky transaction logs. But this means, you just lost point-in-time recovery capability.

Combine our Emergent Database Maintenance Solution and proactive monitoring with database manage services to ensure your databases are always securely backed up.

Disaster Recovery for data is not all the same.

How much data loss can you tolerate when disaster strikes? How much time can you operate without your database systems being online? Answering these questions and validating that you can achieve your recovery goals is key to your business functionality at the highest level regardless of what happens. Your IT team may have DR plans in place for your servers and infrastructure, but without SQL Server expertise, you might be exposed to potential data loss and an inability to quickly get your core business applications up and running when their plan is executed. Emergent’s SQL Server DBA’s can make sure your databases are configured with a recovery strategy that matches your recovery expectations.

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