Emergent’s technical support team takes care of maintenance & support so that you can focus on your business

Application and Website Support Services customers trust our team of Software Developers and Support Specialists to keep their applications, databases, websites, and system integrations running smoothly at all times. Customers enjoy the convenience of direct access to team members through our online Customer Portal and can submit tickets confidently knowing that one of our pro’s will respond shortly.

Emergent Software accommodates a variety of budgets and support needs by offering customers multiple support packages. Each package includes access to our online Customer Portal and an assigned Client Manager to ensure your tickets get the appropriate level of attention. 

Package Critical Ticket Response Time
Bronze As Schedule Allows
Silver Within One Business Day
Gold 12 Hour (24 / 7 / 365)
Platinum 4 Hour (24 / 7 / 365)

All maintenance & support effort is performed by our team on a Time & Materials basis. Customers can also purchase scheduled hours, which enables us to dedicate time each week to your application, leading to regular focused development time and quicker issue resolution. Call ES today for more details!

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