Protect your data and achieve peace of mind with the expertise of our seasoned SQL Server DBAs.

Whether you are looking to supplement an existing Database Administrator (DBA) team or outsource to save money, Emergent Software has you covered. We are a full-service Microsoft SQL Server Consultant group that offers SQL Server consulting services & development on an as-needed basis and ongoing SQL Server Managed Services for proactive monitoring & support of existing databases.

We develop new database systems from scratch, audit existing database systems, move data from one system to another, implement reporting platforms and everything in between.

Remote DBA Service & Support

Our SQL Server consultants can be your virtual DBA team. As a SQL Server Managed Services Provider, we offer 24/7 remote database management including proactive alert monitoring, database optimization, SQL Server patching, database maintenance & backup and more.  Read more about our Remote DBA Service.

SQL Server High Availability Cluster Setup (HADR)

Emergent Software provides SQL Server expertise to help you choose the right SQL Server cluster technology given your high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) needs as well as your budget.  We configure standard failover (FCE) clusters, Availability Group (AG) clusters as well as SQL Server clusters with SIOS DataKeeper for a low-cost, best-of-both-worlds setup.  Our experience with SQL Server and virtualization help you get the best I/O, CPU and memory performance out of your servers.

SQL Server Best Practices Configuration, Health Check & Security Audit

Most SQL Server environments are not running with best practices. We can build out new servers incorporating SQL Server configuration best practices and we can run a SQL Server health check on your existing systems.  Are you using the right vSCSI driver and/or best practice vNUMA configuration? Our health check starts with an examination of your virtual server configuration, and also includes a thorough examination general settings, database settings, backup & maintenance plans, and performance metrics.  Finally, we run a security audit to make sure the right users have access to your data and the wrong users are kept out.

Enhanced Database Maintenance Solution

Microsoft’s built-in database maintenance plans fall short, especially when it comes to intelligent cleanup and index maintenance. Our solution takes the world class solution from SQL Server MVP, Ola Hallengren one step further automating & standardizing SQL maintenance plans across your enterprise with Enhanced SQL Server Maintenance Solution.

Performance Tuning & ETL Development

SQL Server developers from Emergent Software can examine your databases and identify the missing database indexes most needed and/or tune queries to perform better (often significantly).  We also have extensive experience moving data from one system to another (ETL) using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) as well as other ETL tools.

SQL Server Database Design & Data Warehousing

Our SQL Server consulting team includes database architects who can model your data to meet your immediate needs and accommodate future changes that are bound to happen. Working with our custom software development team, we can provide the best custom database software solution for your business. We can also design your data warehouse using best-practice star schema or snowflake schema architecture.

Business Intelligence & Report Development

With expertise in SQL Server Reporting Services, Report Builder, Power BI, Crystal Reports and other reporting platforms, our business intelligence analysts can help you choose the best reporting platform strategy for you to be to get the most value out of your data.

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